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Wondrous Item (Scroll), artifact (Requires attunement)

Lore For generations the keepers of this scroll (nicknamed "RuneKeepers")have passed knowledge down from one to the next, sealing their own knowledge within the scroll. Keepers of this scroll will keep this scroll with them their entire lives until they find a worthy pupil. This pupil will then be sent into the world to add their own knowledge to the scroll. Keepers are known to found monasteries of their chosen Deity(ies) later in life where they begin training prospective keepers.

  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Knowledge of Ancient Keepers Once per day the keeper can call upon knowledge of keepers past to add +5 to any skill check or saving throw.

Favored Enemy The Keeper of the scroll gains the Favored Enemy (5e Class Feature) Feat as long as they possess the scroll

Major Threat Sentient creatures that are the keepers Favored Enemy can make a History check (DC 17) to recognize the scroll. If they succeed, they will prioritize the keeper at all costs. If they can they will destroy the scroll.

Keeper The Keeper of the Scroll should follow a deity (see 5e Deities for list of acceptable choices) with a Domain of Knowledge. Preferably also be a class that follows a deity such as Cleric or Paladin.

Destroying the RuneKeeper's Scroll. The scroll is sealed in a waterproof capsule. Since it is made out of animal skin, if it is taken out of the capsule it can be destroyed the same way as animal skin. The text must be readable to confer knowledge. Fire, acids, and ripping are suggested methods for destroying the scroll.

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