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The Sosha Orsa Pantheon: Intermediate Deities[edit]

  • The Intermediate Deities of Rom are collectively known as the Sosha Orsa
Table: Gods and Goddesses of the Sosha Orsa
Deity Alignment Domains
Cen Lawful Good Good, Healing, SRD: Law Domain, Protection, Sun
Bannocks Neutral Good Good, Protection, Strength
Sunigeb Chaotic Good Chaos, Good, Magic, Travel
Nril Lawful Neutral Air, Death, Destruction, Fire, Law, War
Uljid Neutral Animal, Earth, Knowledge, Luck, Plant, Trickery
Veti Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Strength, War
Mekrii Lawful Evil Evil, Law, Magic, Scalykind
Astor Neutral Evil Evil, Magic, Strength
Tzxank Chaotic Evil Chaos, Death, Evil, Fire, Trickery

Typical Worshipers[edit]

Table: Sosha Genia: Worshippers by Race and Class
Deity Typical Races Typical Classes
Cen (LG) Humans, Deeka, Durzites, Gnomes Clerics, Monks, Paladins
Bannocks (NG) Humans, Dwarves, Malaquians Clerics, Fighters
Sunigeb (CG) Humans, Candothists Barbarians, Bards, Clerics, Sorcerers, Wizards
Nril (LN) Humans, Aroghin, Deeka Clerics, Fighters, Monks, Paladins
Uljid (N) Any Race Bards, Clerics, Druids, Rangers, Rogues
Veti (CN) Any Race Barbarians, Clerics, Fighters
Mekrii (LE) Aroghin, Lizardfolk Blackguards, Clerics, Fighters, Monks
Astor(NE) Aroghin Bards, Clerics, Rogues
Tzxank (CE) By individual only Bards, Clerics, Necromancers, Rogues

Traits of the Sosha Orsa[edit]

Sosha Orsa are powerful beings, but they have not been around since the existence of the world, rather, they were born in its early days and rose to power long ago. In one way or another they have achieved Godhood, but they have not fully evolved into the highest form due to either their being born mortal or from the fact that they are still young. All Sosha Orsa possess the following traits:

  • Star Heart: Their true forms may appear however they like, and may appear as any size, but their power always remains the same, as a furnace of energy contained within a spherical heart. This star heart grants immeasurable power to its body, but it is still inferior to the full form of the Sosha Genia. This body is immune to any damage born from less than Sosha Orsa power. If a mortal pierces the heart of a Sosha Orsa, the Sosha Orsa may choose to instantly vaporize him, as if the mortal had suddenly fallen into the center of a star.
  • Omnipresence: A Sosha Orsa is able to watch over the mortal world, no matter the location of their Incarnation, with exacting precision. In addition, a Sosha Orsa may form an Incarnation, and any number of Ephemeral Avatars as it pleases.
  • Planar Influence A Sosha Orsa is able to provide His clerics with power even when He is on a far away plane. However, He is unable to directly influence a plane otherwise.
  • Indestructible: A Sosha Orsa cannot be killed. However, if all other Sosha Orsa wish, they may attempt to disburse the energy of one of their own, essentially killing a God, however, all Sosha Orsa must agree. The energy from the dead God remains and seeps into the Cosmic Aether. Sosha Orsa can still fight and weaken each other however.
  • Ancient Celestial: Sosha Orsa converse with each other in Ancient Celestial, a language unintelligible to mortal ears. Ancient Celestial script can be found in only a few places, being the oldest temples and in ruins.
  • Divine Intervention: Sosha Orsa are able to singularly affect the lives of mortals in any way they choose. However, as they act the other Gods may react to stop this intervention. This gift is only granted on the rarest of occasions.

Sosha Orsa and their Incarnations[edit]

A Sosha Orsa can only exist on a single plane at a time, as well as only extend their power onto that plane or another plane up to 1 layer away. For this reason, Most Sosha Orsa with active worshippers have strongholds in the Ancient Lands, the plane between the material plane and Nymnelia.

  • Incarnation: Sosha Orsa often travel from plane to plane, as they are stuck in their single incarnations. The appearance of a Sosha Orsa on the material plane is less monumenta,l and less damaging, than the Sosha Genia. They will occasionally make appearances instead of sending their heralds.


Cen, Bannocks, Sunigeb, Nril, Uljid, Veti, Mekrii, Astor, Tzxank


  • It is said that only Nril could ever defeat Astor in battle.
  • The truth of Uljid will catalyze the end of time.
  • There is another son of Rejiksson locked away who will rise to power.

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