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Deities of Rom[edit]

The Deities of Rom are comprised of three primary orders. Sosha Genia at the top, followed by Sosha Orsa and Sosha Ixa. Additionally, there are lesser deities that don't fall into those orders.

The Sosha Genia Pantheon: Greater Deities[edit]

The Greater Deities of Rom are collectively known as the Sosha Genia.

Alignment and Domains[edit]

Table: Gods and Goddesses of the Sosha Genia
Deity Alignment Domains
Rejiksson Lawful Good Air, Earth, Fire, Good, Law, Water
Celia Neutral Good Air, Good, Healing, Magic, Protection
Eura Chaotic Good Animal, Chaos, Good, Weather
Myillz Lawful Neutral Law, Strength, War
Colony Neutral Luck, Knowledge, Travel, War*
Rejik Chaotic Neutral Animal, Chaos, Plant, Sun
Exaka Lawful Evil Destruction, Evil, Law, War
SoshaVee Neutral Evil Evil, Fire, Sun, Travel
Guygus Chaotic Evil Evil, Chaos, Trickery

Typical Worshipers[edit]

Table: Sosha Genia: Worshippers by Race and Class
Deity Alignment Typical Races Typical Classes
Rejiksson LG Humans, Deeka, Durzites Clerics, Monks, Paladins
Celia NG Humans, Malaquians Bards, Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers, Wizards
Eura CG Humans, Candothists Barbarians, Clerics, Rangers, Rogues
Myillz LN Humans, Aroghin, Deeka, Durzites Clerics, Fighters, Monks, Paladins
Colony N Any Race Clerics, Druids
Rejik CN Any Race Barbarians, Clerics, Druids, Rangers
Exaka LE Aroghin Blackguards, Clerics, Fighters, Monks
SoshaVee NE Aroghin Bards, Clerics, Rogues
Guygus CE By individual only Bards, Clerics, Necromancers, Rogues

Sosha Genia Traits[edit]

All Sosha Genia are powerful beings born long before the world of mortals was created. Despite their disparate backgrounds, they worked together to form Nymnelia, a plane of Gods and powerful outsiders. The order of the Sosha Genia are living stars born out of primordial energy, and are thus much stronger than their appearance suggests. All Sosha Genia possess the following traits:

  • Star Body: Their true forms may appear however they like, and may appear as any size, but their power always remains the same, as a furnace of energy contained by a thin shell. This body is immune to any damage born from less than Sosha Genia power. If a mortal strikes a Sosha Genia, the Sosha Genia may choose to instantly vaporize him, as if the mortal had suddenly fallen into the center of a star.
  • Omnipresence: A Sosha Genia is able to watch over the mortal world with exacting precision. In addition, a Sosha Genia may form 1 True Avatar, and any number of Ephemeral Avatars as it pleases.
  • Indestructible: A Sosha Genia cannot be killed. However, if all other Sosha Genia wish, they may attempt to disburse the energy of one of their own, essentially killing a God, however, all Sosha Genia must agree. The energy from the dead God remains and seeps into the Cosmic Aether. Sosha Genia can still fight and weaken each other however.
  • Ancient Celestial: Sosha Genia converse with each other in Ancient Celestial, a language unintelligible to mortal ears. Ancient Celestial script can be found in only a few places, being the oldest temples and in ruins.
  • Divine Intervention: Sosha Genia are able to singularly affect the lives of mortals in any way they choose. However, as they act the other Gods may react to stop this intervention. This gift is only granted on the rarest of occasions.

Sosha Genia Avatars[edit]

A Sosha Genia may, often for His own amusement, form an Avatar on the material plane. Sosha Genia do not travel to the Material Plane themselves, as this action would have catastrophic consequences for the material plane and Nymnelia. There are two forms of avatars.

  • True Avatar: A True Avatar is a drain on the world, leeching energy from its surroundings. The world around the True Avatar grows gray as the world quakes in its presence. True Avatars are rare.
  • Ephemeral Avatar: Ephemeral Avatars contain no real power. They are merely minute manifestations designed to interact with the material plane and the mortals within them. These Avatars are much more common, and are the form of communication with mortals most desired by the Sosha Genia. Most Sosha Genia also have Heralds that possess this ability.


Intro sentence

  • It is said that creation will end in a fight between Rejik and Myillz, and one will survive to rebuild all of creation.
  • When Colony reappears, powerful forces will arise to create a revolution, either plunging the world to its doom or raising it to a new renaissance.
  • Exaka will bleed in the sky and turn the world red.
  • The death of the Black Horn will be the death of the great Nightmare. (needs to be moved)

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