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Ritual Converter

Prerequisites: Ability to cast spells as rituals, 4th level Character.

After long and expensive studies of spells, you have learned to cast them as rituals, which take longer to cast than usual.

  • You can now transform any of your known/prepared spells into a ritual spell, as long as its level is equal or lower than half of your own level (to a maximum of 7th).
  • By using gold (determined by spell level) and time.
    *Time and Gold needed for to convert a spell, based on its level:
1st=64hrs  | 1st=150g
2nd=90hrs  | 2nd=300g
3rd=150hrs | 3rd=380g
4th=190hrs | 4th=470g
5th=230hrs | 5th=650g
6th=290hrs | 6th=850g
7th=350hrs | 7th=1000g

For Gold (consumable or costly material components are consumed upon converting the spell)

  • The conversion process can be done while Traveling, during Downtime, and Resting.
  • The process may be interrupted by long and short rests, combat or falling unconscious via the spells Sleep & Catnap. By interrupting the process, you put it on pause.
  • The process will completely fail if you die, are knocked unconscious due to damage, a spell or other magic effect, or ¹take too long to continue.

-(¹For 1st level spells you have 1hr and 30 minutes to continue, + an additional 30 minutes per level above 1st)
-(Long Rest does not effect the time, and During Short Rest you are allowed to Continue, but half progress)

  • The maximum number of spells you can convert with this feat at one time is equal to your Spellcasting Modifier + 1 + Proficiency (minimum of 3 spells).

If you try to convert a spell over your current maximum, you can substitute it for one of your current converted spells. If you don't, nothing happens and the conversion costs are lost.

  • At 10th level, Spell levels 1|2 Time needed to convert becomes 1/2(50%)
  • At 12th level, Spell levels 3|4 Time needed to convert becomes 1/2(50%)
  • At 14th level, Spell levels 5|6 Time needed to convert becomes 3/4(75%)
  • At 16th level, Spell level |7| Time needed to convert becomes 3/4(75%)
  • At 18th level, Spell levels 5|6|7 Time needed to convert becomes 1/2(50%)

  • You have a maximum amount of uses of converted rituals equal to, your Spellcasting Mod + Half your character level rounded down.

(Max of 10 uses. Which becomes 12 at 10th level, and 14 at 16th level)
-When taking a short rest, you regain 1 use of a converted ritual. This becomes 2 at 10th level.
-When taking a long rest, you regain 2 + 1d4 uses of converted rituals, which becomes 2 + 2d4 at 12th level.

  • You are able to use this feat on Spells already with the Ritual tag, costing the same gold amount and Half the hours needed to convert a spell into a ritual, per level.

- At 10th level, the time cost is reduced to 1/4(25%) per level. At 12th level, the gold cost is reduced to 3/4(75%) per level. [For spells already with the Ritual tag]

  • Doing this allows that ritual to not be needed prepared. But, it will have 1 use, which can be regained once you have completed a long rest. Or you prepare the spell.

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