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Region of the Sun[edit]

The region of the Sun is a northern area of the country of Valden. It is a unique place with vastly different environments and a strange unique ore called Luminium that glows bright during the day and dim at night


The Region of the sun is on the material plane in a country fairly far from the forgotten realms.


Most of the Gods worshiped in the Region of the Sun are the same as those worshiped in the forgotten realms. Different towns will have different Gods, but Waukeen(goddess of trade),Gond(god of craft) and Helm(god of Protection) are the most common ones to find in towns and cities. (There also is rumors of a Demon Lord call Klin Oorlog(a Demon Lord of war and bloody battles) being worshiped by some Cultists in history)


The region of the Sun has vastly different Geography across its area. It has the Sea of Calnome to the North and Northeast with it´s rough waves and plentiful fish.

The dry Deadlands taking up most of the West, with next to no plants or animals and with both sandy and rocky areas. The Deadlands however have rich gold, silver and salt mines.

The Great Forest taking up the South, full of game and mysterious plants.

Forge mountain is in the Southeast, a dormant volcano, surrounded by hot springs.

Darkmist Bog in the East. The dormant volcano Forge mountain in the Southeast pumped incredibly large amounts of ash and obsidian that seeped into the low elevation to the bog. The water is rich with nutrients promoting the growth of deadly algaes, and the minerals and powdered obsidian makes the water appear black. Full of plagues and dangerous animals that can survive in these conditions this place is the most dangerous place in the region for an adventurer to travel too.

Great Sun Lake is in the Northwest, before the border of the Deadlands. The Saltwick river and the Sun River meet into the lake and the lake´s river leads into Sea of Calnome. The lake has hundreds exposed Luminium clusters, making the lake itself appear to glow, hence its name. It is a popular tourist spot for the rich and nobility.


The Region of the Sun, was originally lived in by a group of people called The Ancients, who were known for their incredible architectural and magical feats, making incredible fortresses, constructs, and utility spells. However, after hearing of the massive amounts of riches that lay in those lands, the poor and starving nation of Valden´s king waged war against these Ancients. The Ancients did not have a strong enough military to put up a proper fight against the warriors and strategies of Valden and armies employed by nearby nations to take over the lands. Valden´s king spent incredible amounts on the war and yet... after the Ancients died out and towns were built there, Valden quickly prospered and became mighty wealthy. Luminium was more common is this land than any other metal and could be carved into magicical light sources and luxury goods that were cheep to make and could be sold for a lot. Valden quickly became a economic and military powerhouse but what of the ancients? Their ruins litter the landscape, beautiful masterpieces of architecture guarded by constructs stronger than a dozen well trained soldiers, and yet the Ancients themselves seem to be gone entirely...

Towns and Cities[edit]


Cities are the large and main places for commerce, quests and NPCs


The Capital of Valden, where most of the manufacturing and commerce happens. The foundations of the city are built on a city built by the Ancients, and it is the last place conquered by the armies of Valden before the war with the Ancients ended. Aramor is built on a hill next to the Sun river(It´s water source) close to the middle of the region. It will have every store you and your players would want. A library, a potion shop, a few taverns, a General goods store(sells basically any misc objects the party would need), a armor/weapon store, a home the party can buy, you name it. More Info

Farwater City[edit]

A city on the coast of the Sea of Calnome, which is a massive port city, exporting massive amounts of goods out of the country by boat. The city was built as a normal port town originally but, became rich due to being the closest port to Aramor and exporting such a large amount of goods. The main economy of this city is exporting and fishing. The city is very rich but is constantly having problems due to pirates stealing ships and goods.

Darkmist City[edit]

A sad city on the border near Darkmist Bog. The city was built on the remains of a stronghold made by the Ancients, built to use the bog as a natural defense while still preventing plagues spreading to the people inside. The city has the repulsive water from the bog fill its moat, which will get most people who come in contact with it, deathly ill forcing those who wish to conquer it to go through the main gate. However being so close to the bog leads to problems, as wells don´t have drinkable water and crops have trouble growing with the limited sunlight(covered by fog) and fresh water sources. Food and drink have to be imported into the city, cutting financial gains. The city is mostly full of crafting and fabrication guilds who import resources and export finished goods.


The farthest city to the east of the region, Irragin can be found Southeast of the Darkmist Bog. Built mostly as a stopping point for traders coming to and from the east of the region, Irragin is the second least wealthy city and the least safe city in the region. Mostly exporting crops and made of mostly wood Irragin in not as well defended well guarded and has been known to be attacked. The city blames devils for their problems and are very racist against teiflings who may be passing through.

Helm of the Sun[edit]

In the Southwest, in the center of a large cluster of mountains in the Deadlands lies the Helm of the Sun. The Helm of the Sun is a dwarven city made by a few clans of dwarfs who came to Region of the Sun, to make use of the large amounts of mineral resources, especially Luminium. The Helm of the Sun is a massive underground city with a giant ball of Luminium that provides so much light that plants can grow underground. This place produces massive amounts of armor, weapons, and anything else made out of metals and gems.

Iranor and Ecrin[edit]

Iranor and Ecrin are rival cities in the south of the Region of the Sun. Made by two rival brothers of nobility, the hatred of the brothers can be felt to this day. The cities are known to have countless clashes, both through wars, and economic competition. Having a high reputation in one of these cities would lead to a negative reputation in the other. Ecrin is made out of wood and is far in the Great Woods while Iranor is closer to the Deadlands and the Helm of the Sun on the border of the Great woods.


Towns usually produce mineral and food resources that are imported and process


The only human settlement in the Deadlands, Saltwick is built along the Saltwick river and mines salt. Buildings are made mostly out of sandstone.


The most north settlement in the region, North of the Great Sun lake. Northstead is a mining settlement that produces and sells Luminium. Buildings mostly made out of mixture of wood and stone.


A small town close to the center of the region. Producing and shipping building materials like lumber from the great woods, and stone of various kinds from the quarry. Buildings made out of a mixture of wood and stone.

For DMs[edit]

This Region is made for my long campain(like 1 maybe 2 year long campaign, it´s not over yet) Light and Darkness. However the region itself can be used to tell various stories, ranging from any level if need be. Feel free to use, or not use any lore if you feel it makes more sense for your story. Any cannon class or race can be used in this campaign setting, and home brew ones can be used after talking to the DM.

My Campaign


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