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Wondrous Item (Boots), artifact

These mystical boots incorporate lost arcane technologies which allows the hidden A.I. inside the shoes to manipulate the wearer out of danger and into extremely advantageous dance offs and give some wonderful street cred. Thes boots were once held by the first hunter vanguard it was said that he only accepted the job if the titan and warlock vanguard could beat him in a dance off, well through pure camaraderie and a good beat the two managed to win and sealed the lasting friendship between the three people and who they represented until...
Smooth Moves. You can dodge as a reaction when you are targeted by an attack, or as a free action.

Dance Off You gain a +10 bonus to performance checks
Destroying the Radiant dancemachines. Lose a dance off to the worst dancer of all time and then the boots will destroy themselves out of sheer embarrassment

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