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There are many people of Snakeworld, many cultures, and stories of how the world came to be. The pantheon of gods remains the same for each civilization, but the particular emphasis of worship certainly changes, as does the epithet of some gods. Before the Slaying of the Snake, monsters inhabited the land, but this was not to say that the land was devoid of culture. The strong maintained their presence before there was land. Though things certainly became easier when the oceans lowered, or rather, the land was placed atop the seas.

There is a difference between race and lineage. In addition to being born from two parents and into a cultural home, a person can become more than they once were and adopt an identity beyond that they first started their adventure. A lineage is a race trusted upon the individual.


Races and their Benefits
Race Ability Score Improvement Size Speed
Giff +2, +1 or +1, +1, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Locathah +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Tortle +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Tritons +1, +1, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Yuan-ti +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Aarakocra +2, +1 Medium 25 ft.
Bugbear +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Centaur +2, +1 Medium 40 ft.
Changeling +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Dragonborn +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Dwarf, Hill / Duregar +2, +1 Medium 25 ft.
Dwarf, Mountain +2, +2 Medium 25 ft.
Gnome, Forest / Rock / Deep +2, +1 Small 25 ft.
Gnome, Autognome +2, +1 or +1, +1, +1 Small 30 ft.
Kenku +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Kobold +2 Small 30 ft.
Minotaur +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Shifter, Beasthide / Longtooth / Wildhunt +2, +1 Medium 30 ft.
Shifter, Swiftstride +2, +1 Medium 35 ft.
Shifter, Cliffwalk / Razorclaw +2 Medium 30 ft.


from UA 80 - Travelers of the Multiverse

Image of a giff pirate by MythAdvocate

Hippofolk. Those that evolved to stand their ground against the monstrous forces of nature and space grew to be strong, to lash out at the world. One humanoid race, hippo-like people of the Giff, strived in the sea and became its first kings and queens and monarchs: primordial pirates. Sundering the corpses on dragons and leviathans and using their bones like wood, Giff grew to be a size stronger than their build, able-bodied with the physical prowess of a larger being. To fight back against all that would do harm, a hippo has to make the most of the damage dealt, rerolling all ones on damage dice. Semi-aquatic beings the Giff are.

Once abundant in a dangerous and drowned world, Giff happen to be rare nowadays. There are no great empires of Giff in bogs and savannahs, nor are there even settlements around the plains or oceans. No, the odd Giff can be seen deeper at sea, exploring a world that has no longer exists (as they remember it). Maintaining that pirate heritage, you can see a Giff operating the cannons or building the blunderbusses, as their thick hands can manhandle the gunpowder.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Speed Passive Swim speed equal to walking speed
Damage Dealer Passive Reroll 1's on damage die for melee attacks.
Hippo Build Passive Advantage on Str checks and saves. Count as one size larger for push/drag/lift capacity.
Languages Proficiency Common and one other


Fishfolk first fought their way to land and ever since have been changed. Though they once were invariably creatures of the sea, the creation of Snakeworld and the land atop the water forced a limited amphibious adoption of lungs AND gills. They evolved, though not for the best. The toxic fumes of the first atmosphere forced the Locathah to live in both worlds, one foot in the grave and the other in the sea. Like walking fish with large orbicular eyes and gaping mouths, these creatures (I'll be honest) are not the prettiest. Though some can indeed have otherworldly beauty, like Angelina Jolie in Shark Tales.

These creatures have a leviathan will about them, focusing their mind on the task at hand with a borderline supernatural strength. Devotion, purpose, and bravery are all incredibly important tenets to Locathah life, making them powerful paladins.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Speed Passive 30 ft. swim speed
Natural Armor Passive AC = 12 + dex with no armor
Observant and Atletic Proficiency Athletics and Perception
Leviathan Will Condition Resistances Advantage on saves against being charmed, frightened, paralyzed, poisoned, stunned, or put to sleep.
Limited Amphibiousness Passive Can breathe in air and water
Languages Proficiency Common, Aquan


Turtlefolk. Unlike in realms forgotten where tortoises have their life snuffed in less than half a century, here on Snakeworld Tortles live for years on end. The oldest tortle is rumored to remember the very first member of each race, though this could be a story made up in aging mischief. Perhaps the world is atop a giant turtle, the very first tortle. Primortortle. (Shell) Defensive creatures who explore out of accident, as opposed to curiosity, tortles often shy away from immediate risk or new experience. They are slow to change, though change seems to happen very quickly around them. Tortles are sometimes agents of tradition, conservatism, and inertia.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Claws Melee Weapon Attack 1d4 + Str slashing
Hold Breath Passive Can hold breath for one hour
Natural Armor Passive AC 17, cannot wear armor
Shell Defense Action +4 AC, Advantage on Str and Con saves, 0 speed, disadvantage on dex saves, no reactions or bonus actions, and you are prone
Survival Instinct Proficiency Survival
Languages Proficiency Common, Aquan


Merfolk. Civilizations that never chose to leave the sea adapted to the harshest of conditions. Powerful and timely waves, inky black tentacles of curiosity from the deep, and a rapidly changing world just above the surface. Tritons have learned to defend themselves against a number of worldly (and otherworldly) threats. As varied as the sea creatures beneath them, different depths of living lead to different appearances.

Living in the shallows where sunlight washes in like pale white rain makes a triton frothy like sea foam. They take on surface fish traits, webbed hands and blue/green scales, fins on their elbows and calves, or even the ability to bring the legs together in a large dolphin tale. Tritons are much more attractive than other sea-dwelling humanoids (Locathah in particular), their sleek bodies making them perfect emissaries of the sea, able to go on land if they so please and travel the land world.

Sometimes, Tritons wander into the dark, where the sun doesn't reach. These deeper shades of colors are reflected in their appearance, purples and even reds (like lobsters). Perhaps they even develop crustation claws to help them be better guardians of the depths. Octopus limbs pull them deeper underwater, or anglerfish lights aid in their darkvision. The cold calls them into the trenches.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Speed Passive Swim speed 30 ft.
Amphibious Passive You can breathe air and water
Control Air and Water Action Once per long rest each spell, Fog Cloud, Gust of Wind (at third level), and Wall of Water (at fifth level)
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., Dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Emissary of the Sea Passive You can communicate your ideas to creatures that breathe water
Guardians of the Depths Damage Resistance Cold
Languages Proficiency Common and Primordial


Snakefolk. The rightful people of Snakeworld, yuan-ti are masters of transmutation magic. In the form of worship, they idolize the figure of the holy serpent, and as such mold their bodies in the likeness of their gods. They liken themselves in the image of what they consider "perfection," and do not believe that they were initially created in their gods' image, but have the power to both morally and physically become that way. The Yuan-ti were the very first land dwellers born onto this corpse of a land, and as such the first to build mighty civilizations that stand strong against monster incursion and nature's wrath. They did so through divine protection alone, having an understanding with their pantheon that has gone misunderstood by outsiders to this very day. The magical resistance granted to them is due to their own innate transformational powers, able to borrow traits from humanoid and serpent alike.

Image of a naga-like malisons by redtallin
Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., Dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Innate Spellcasting Action Poison Spray and Animal Friendship (snakes only), Suggestion (third level)
Magic Resistance Passive Advantage on saves against spells and magical effects
Poison Immunity Damage and Condition Immunity Poison, poisoned condition
Languages Proficiency Common, Abyssal, Draconic


The least serpent and most humanoid, these yuan-ti often go unnoticed in society at large. Fair skin sometimes has patches of scales, their eyes slitlike and serpentine, and even their tongues can be split.

Purebloods can be seen in every corner of society, as the Yuan-ti people happen to be abundant in this world.


Indulgence in the snake-god's power has formed divine marks upon the body, in a variety of forms. Perhaps the head of a snake lays atop a humanoid body, or they have snakes for limbs, or a slithering lower half. There is a myriad of appearances available to the malison.


Birdfolk. Beaked smiles on feathered faces, these freebirds soar above the clouds in search of sights unseen. Aarakocra are the ultimate expression of freedom, and as such are free to be represented by any species of bird! Parrot, bluejay, eagle, vulture, sparrow, dove, owl, pigeon, peacock, flamingo, pelican, hawk, woodpecker, hummingbird!

A bird's eye view gives the aarakocra a unique insight on the air. The understanding of the freedom flight can bring, the realization that you could go anywhere the wind touches.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Flight Movement 50 ft. fly speed, cannot be wearing medium or heavy armor
Talons Melee Weapon Attack 1d4 slashing
Languages Proficiency Common, Aarakocra, Auran


Sasquatches. Hidden away in foliage-filled forests and behind mysterious natural impasses are the secretive sasquatch-like hair goblinoids, known as bugbears. They know how to find both safety and danger from their hideaways, surprise attacks from intruders' blindspots.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Long-Limbed Passive Extra 5 ft. of reach for melee attacks on your turn.
Powerful Build Passive Count as one size larger for push/drag/lift capacity
Sneaky Proficiency Stealth
Suprise Attack Extra Damage Surprised target takes 2d6 extra on hit during first round
Languages Proficiency Common and Goblin


Half-horse. Immigrants from the feywild, centaurs have traveled long distances to find a place they call home. Their everlasting search for comfort and meaning is reflected by their horse-like stature, never able to maintain discomfort or being forced into the wrong small spot.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Fey Creature Type You are a fey rather than a humanoid
Charge Bonus Action Only after moving at least 30 ft. in a str8 line, you can strike with your hoof following the attack action.
Hooves Action 1d4 + Str bludgeoning
Equine Build Passive, Restiction Count as one size larger for push/drag/lift/carrying capacity. Climbing costs 4 extra feet per foot, instead of half speed.
Survivor Proficiency Animal Handling, Medicine, Nature, or Survival
Languages Proficiency Common and Sylvan


Capgras Syndrome: the delusional belief that a person has been replaced by an imposter.

Replaced at birth by feywild tricksters, these beings live a life on the edge of certainty. None are born with a particular purpose, only to be raised in the stead of the child desired. The changeling instinct they develop tells them to keep their true nature hidden, for they are certain that no one else in the world is like them. These individuals forever feel a certain kind of loneliness, always having the immense secret of being born with strange transformational magic.

These shapechangers, sometimes called Face Dancers, are able to take the form of any humanoid they've seen, morphing their individual characteristics at will. Their natural form is an unsettling visage, described by some as a featureless pure eggshell white humanoid shape, with no hair or distinguishing marks. But no one can narrow down the originator of this fact, so it could just be another changeling lie.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Shapechanger Action You can change your body's appearance at will, staying the same size and basic anatomy
Changeling Instincts Proficiency Two of Deception, Insight, Intimidation, or Persuasion
Languages Proficiency Common plus two others


Draconfolk. Their heads are reptilian, like crocodiles or dinosaurs, or scary animals like sharks. Sharp teeth line strong jaws, which hold back a breath of pure power. Dragonborn are CREATURES, with their vague humanoid shape completely composed of scales, jutting muscles, and long claws. Some have tales, though most have tailbones that end at their rear, the same as humans. Others have wings, more akin to the wyverns and dragons that soar above, though this too is increasingly rare. Dragonborn are born from eggs, further distancing themselves from any other race on Snakeworld.

Their culture is centered entirely around power, and the achievement of it is equivalent to moral goodness. The strength of a dragonborn's breath is equivalent to their health, it is the manifestation of how powerful their body is, hence why it is tied to constitution. So powerful is this blast that it can become a breath weapon. Ancient Dragonborn philosophy is connected to Nietzsche's ubermensch: to become your best self is to abstain from the laws of others.

Those with Breath[edit]

The idea that the gods breathed life into their creations is especially important to dragonborn. Perhaps a sneeze, implying that it was an accident, or a purposeful blow into being. A breath can create, and for this culture, it can destroy as well.


Those that were hardened by the elements take on a colorful appearance. Shades of color paint their skin, with brightness indicating youth, as it dulls the older they get. Due to the creativeness of their god Dorian the Dragonlover, colors come in pastels, tie-dyes, and various other styles. Power and creativity can be seen to go hand in hand, as the more ideas tp try, the more likely the enemy is to die.

Once a day, a person of this race can indulge fully in their elemental heritage. They gain a full immunity to the damage they normally have resistance to, a "mode" or state called the Chromatic Warding. This ability is from a time when dragonborn priests stood directly in the Breath to hear the word of their dragonic gods, withstanding their enormous breath weapon. Their own breath extends in a thirty (30) ft. cone, in the same element as the dragon they take heritage from.

Chromatic Dragonborn and their Breath
Color Damage Type
Black Acid
Blue Lightning
Green Poison
Red Fire
White Cold
Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Chromatic Ancestry Passive Your scales are a color from the above table, and determines the damage you are connected to
Breath Weapon Special Weapon Attack DC = 8 + Con + Proficiency Bonus. 1d10 damage based on your color, which increases with level. Prof bonus number of times per long rest
Draconic Resistance Damage Resistance Type is determined by your scale color
Chromatic Warding Action, fifth level You become immune to your draconic resistance damage for one minute, once per long rest
Languages Proficiency Common and one other


For those of metal origin, the ideas of purity and temperance are components of power. To be of pure metal and hold yourself strong is the most important ideal upheld by the individual, as well as society. Separations between the groups of metal create hierarchies between the glints. Gold above silver above bronze above all else.

Metallic Dragonborn and their Breath
Metal Damage Type
Brass Fire
Bronze Lightning
Copper Acid
Gold Fire
Silver Cold
Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Metallic Ancestry Passive Your scales are a metal from the table above, which determines the damage you are connected to
Breath Weapon Special Weapon Attack DC = 8 + Con + Proficiency Bonus. 1d10 damage based on your color, which increases with level. Prof bonus number of times per long rest
Draconic Resistance Damage Resistance Type is determined by your scale color
Metallic Breath Weapon Specual Weapon Attack, fifth level DC 8 + Con + Prof bonus, 15-ft. cone, either enervating (con save) or repulsion (str save), once per long rest
Languages Proficiency Common and one other

But when these ideals are so rigid, they can sometimes become impossible to follow. Along the wayside of this pure society are alloy dragonborns, impure beings who live less than perfect lives. Shades such as Rust, Steel, and Electrum are often covered by illusionary appearance or simply hidden. But their true nature is seen in their breath, which is a mixed array of whirling element. A player would have to roll a d4, evens for one type and odds for the second.

Alloy Dragonborn and their Breath
Metal Damage Type 1 Damage Type 2
Electrum Fire Cold
Steel Thunder Lightning
Rust Acid Poison


The bouncing of power inside oneself like light refracting on a crystal is how one amplifies their thoughts into reality. To press what goes on in the mind into the world is the true power of the gems. They have a number of psychic talents, using their psionic mind to impress their thoughts onto others as well as using the Gem Flight once per day, summoning spectral wings. Finally, this subgeneology has a psychic scream-like breath weapon heard in a 15-foot cone.

Gemstone Dragonborn and their Breath
Gem Damage Type
Amethyst Force
Crystal Radiant
Emerald Psychic
Sapphire Thunder
Topaz Necrotic
Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Gem Ancestry Passive Your scales are a gemstone from the table above, which determines the damage you are connected to
Breath Weapon Special Weapon Attack DC = 8 + Con + Proficiency Bonus. 1d10 damage based on your color, which increases with level. Prof bonus number of times per long rest
Draconic Resistance Damage Resistance Type is determined by your scale color
Psionic Mind Passive 30 ft., you can speak telepathically to any creature that can understand a language
Gem Flight Bonus Action, fifth level You gain a flying speed equal to walking speed for one minute, once per long rest
Laguages Proficiency Common and one other

The Breathless[edit]




Beardfolk. Tough times create tough people. There are none more hearty, more survivable than the dwarves. Short but not small, for a low center of gravity. Strong but not inflexible, so has to reach anywhere and lift anything. Headstrong, yet deviously definitively intelligent, a crafty cunning that ascends generations. Among the first people to lay eyes on the new land of monsters, there were once upon a time more than a thousand types of dwarves, all living in different locations. Sea dwarves and beach dwarves, dune dwarves and glacier dwarves, none of which survived to the common era. In a great calamity, this noble race of people was forced underground, developing a societal wide stonecunning to carve new homes.

Dwarves have a connection to their hair and beards as unshakable as the mountains they dwell. All dwarves have some kind of facial hair, whether chinstap, peachfuzz, handlebar, five o'clock shadow, or complete and full thick bush. Whatever style of appearance is right for the dwarf manifests overnight, defining the laws of normal hair growth. Even if the night before is spent shaving, one long rest later and the beard will be back. The very souls of dwarves are marked with their facial hair, and that goes for dwarves of all genders!

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Dwarven Resilience Passive, Damage and Condition Resistance Advantage against poisoned condition, resistance to poison damage, armor cannot slow down movement
Dwarven Combat Training Proficiency Battleaxe, Handaxe, Light Hammer, War Hammer
Tool Proficiency Proficiency Choice of Smith's Tools, Brewer's Supplies, or Mason's Tools
Stonecunning Passive, Proficiency History checks in regards to stone are made with expertise
Languages Proficiency Common, Dwarvish

Hill Dwarf[edit]

Taking refuge near the surface, hill dwarves needed to develop a certain toughness against being attacked. Monster tamers and beastmasters, this culture of beardfolk develop storied scars that tell tales.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Dwarven Toughness Hit Point Boost Your maximum increases by one for each level you gain (as if your Con mod was one higher)

Mountain Dwarf[edit]

Escaping further into refuge, these dwarves found safety in this worlds natural barriers against disaster. Unfortunately, monsters dwell even deeper down. This culture was forced to mold their home, carve it into dwarven armor. The heavy pressure of being under the mountain strengthens the bodies of every dwarf, to the point where the whole clan can withstand the rocky armor.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Dwarven Armor Training Proficiency Light and Medium Armor


Deep beneath the ground, in subterranean halls and echoing caverns, there exists an endless ringing of metal on stone. The Sisyphean undertaking of the lower folk drains them of any other purpose, and similarly drains them of the color in their skin and hair. The pigments of their skin are blue and purple, grey like stone, and rough in texture. Their wispy white beards grow long in the dark.

Tired eyes seem almost blind, with yellowing whites and grey irises. These eyes are resilient against the facsimile of illusions, though the ability to figure out such tricks lies further behind, in the very mind.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Superior Darkvision Passive 120 ft., Dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Duregar Resilience Condition Resistance Advantage against illusions, charmed condition and paralyzed condition
Duregar Magic Action Enlarge (self only), Invisibility (self only, fifth level), no components and cannot be in direct sunlight, once per long rest each
Sunlight Sensitivity Restriction Disadvantage on attack rolls and Perception checks when in direct sunlight


Magicfolk. Glimmering with otherworldly grace, elves resemble the Tolkienesque depiction found in Lord of the Rings, or other high fantasy media. Their long ears allow them to seemingly listen to the secrets of magic. The confidence inspired by Elvish competence can often be mistaken or interpreted as arrogance, and their tall and thin stature do not help to avail that snootiness. In Snakeworld, elves are considered immortal, for they do "live" forever. However, when an elf turns a thousand, it turns into a dream that others have while in trance. This fable-like quality to the lifespan of these people makes them difficult to interact with from the perspective of "normal" races with "normal" lifetimes.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Fey Ancestry Condition Resistence, Immunity Advantage against being charmed, cannot magically be put to sleep
Trance Sleep Improvement Long rest last four (4) hours, during which you meditate in a state of semi-consciousness.
Keen Senses Proficiency Perception
Languages Proficiency Common and Elven

High Elf[edit]

Fair-skinned, long-haired, pretty-faced and dainty-waist. The high elves are the most elvish and standard of all the subraces. They tend toward perfection, almost in an unrelenting and ambitious manner. Magic is a means to an end, that end being the removal or resurrection from mistakes.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Cantrip Action You know one cantrip from the Wizard spell list, and are able to cast it using Intelligence
Elf Weapon Training Proficiency Longsword, shortsword, longbow, and shortbow
Extra Language Proficiency One additional of your choice

Wood Elf[edit]

Forest dwellers remember the feywild foliage best, and the traditional elven ways of old calls for the communion with nature and all its living things.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effedt
Elf Weapon Training Proficiency Longsword, shortsword, longbow, and shortbow
Fleet of Foot Movement Base speed of 35 ft. (see chart)
Mask of the Wild Passive Able to take Hide action even if only lightly obscured

Sea Elf[edit]

The earliest adventurers of a pre-continental Snakeworld, the sea elves were changed by the endless ocean. Influenced by the watery deep, their bodies reflect shades of blue and green light. With amphibious features, these creatures can survive almost any environment.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Sea Elf Training Proficiency Spear, trident, light crossbow, net
Child of the Sea Movement, Passive 30 ft. swim speed, can breathe air and water
Friend of the Sea Passive You can communicate simple ideas to creatures with an innate swimming speed
Languages Proficiency Aquan

Pallid Elf[edit]

The ever-present grace of the elvish race can often alienate them from other races, and that alien quality of their dancelike movement is emphasized in the pale pallids. Their fair skin is made more so, to the point of translucence. Their hair has thinned out and comes in the lightest of shades, pastels and offwhites. But their eyes are like the night sky in the city, completely black like the void between the stars.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Incisive Sense Passive Advantage of Investigation and Insight checks
Blessing of the Moonweaver Action Light cantrip, Sleep (third level), and Invisibility (fifth level). Once per long rest each, with exception to the cantrip

Drow (Dark Elf)[edit]

The caves of the underdark call with an abyssal tone. The darkness encloses the creatures within. An elf that arises under a starless sky is called Drow

Shadar-kai (Shadowfell Elf)[edit]

Eladrin (Feywild Elf)[edit]

Flippant as the breeze,


Feyfolk. Native to the realm of Faerie, these fluttering and flattering fellows dance in the air, unhindered by the pull of the ground. Most have insect wings upon their back, usually butterfly or moth or dragonfly. They stand at short stature, smaller if they'd like to be due to their fairy magic, and often hide their true intention behind a facade of fragility.

d8 Fey Characteristic
1 Your wings are like those of a bird
2 You have shimmering, multicolored skin
3 You have exceptionally large ears
4 A glittering mist constantly surrounds you
5 You have a small spectral horn on your forehead, like a little unicorn horn
6 Your legs are insectile
7 You smell like fresh brownies
8 A noticeable, harmless chill surrounds you
Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Fey Creature Type You are fey instead of humanoid
Fairy Magic Action Druidcraft cantrip, Faerie Fire at 3rd level, Enlarge/Reduce at 5th. Once per day each, but available to be cast with spell slots.
Flight Movement Fly speed equal to walking speed, cannot be wearing medium or heavy armor


Green Aliens. These beings did not grow from Snakeworld soil. Instead, they arrived from astroids from above. Dry green skin is wrapped tight around typically bony frames.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Languages Proficiency Common and Gith


The first to arrive from the stars,

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Decadent Mastery Proficiency One additional language, and one tool or skill
Martial Prodigy Proficiency Shortswords, longswords, greatswords, light armor and medium armor
Githyanki Psionics Action Mage hand (invisible), Jump (3rd level), Misty Step (5th level). Once per long rest each, with exception to the cantrip


Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Mental Discipline Condition Resistance Advantage against being charmed or frightened.
Githzerai Psionics Action, Reaction Mage hand (invisible), Shield (3rd level), Detect Thoughts (5th level). Once per long rest each, with exception to the cantrip


Little Lads and Ladies. Inspiration and curiosity made mortal, gnomes follow their heart's desire to the fullest extent. They are often more concerned with whether things can be done, as opposed to should be.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., Dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Gnome Cunning Passive Advantage on Int, Wis, and Cha saves against magic
Languages Proficiency Common and Gnomish

Forest Gnome[edit]

Rock Gnome[edit]

Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome)[edit]


from UA 80 - Travelers of the Multiverse

Almost like rock gnome simulacra, each autognome is built in the image of its creator gnome. You get no gnomish racial benefits, instead replaced by your mechanical nature. Your organic twin is free to explore their whims and dreams, while your made nature acts as restricted will.

Autognome History
d8 Story
1 Your creator gave you autonomy and urged you to follow your dreams
2 Your creator died, leaving you to fend for yourself
3 A temporary malfunction caused you to harm your creator, and you fled rather than face reprisal
4 A glitch caused you to forget your original programming. You don’t remember who made you or where you came from
5 You were stolen from your creator and long to return to them
6 You didn’t like how you were being treated by your creator, so you ran away from home
7 Your creator built you to complete a special mission
8 You felt trapped in the role for which you were built and abandoned your creator, determined to find a greater purpose
Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Creature Type Creature Type Construct, not Humanoid
Armored Casing Passive AC 13 + Dex mod without armor
Build for Success Passive Add 1d4 to an attack roll, ability check, or save prof bonus times per long rest
Mechanical Nature Passive, Damage and Condition Resistance Resistant to poison damage, advantage against poisoned or paralyzed condition, immune to disease, no need to eat/drink/breathe
Sentry's Rest Sleep Improvement Long rest equals 6 hours in inactive, motionless, conscious state
Specialized Design Proficiency Two tools
True Life Passive When the Mending cantrip is cast on you, you gain your Con mod number of HP. Additionally, healing magic works on you as if you were a creature
Languages Proficiency Common and one other


Grossfolk. Comically uncivilized, these beings often display the worst of humanoid behavior. Certainly not evil per se, goblins easily fall victim to their vices.



Grung and Bullywug[edit]

Frogfolk and Toadfolk.









Ravenfolk. Flightless birds have their place on Snakeworld as well, though carved with a terrible curse. The god made in their image was robbed of its song, and as such passed the mark of mimicry onto its favored people. Though traditionally a humanoid with the appearance of a blackbird, like a raven or a crow, other birds can fall to the curse as well, such as dodos, penguins, and even emus.

Picture by filibuster frog showing that kenku can be any type of corvid

Kenku with the Keen Mind feat, ones that remember every moment of their past, are seemingly able to speak as normal. Spending lots of time with a single individual gives the illusion of a shared voice, as all of the words in that kenku's registry will be all in the voice of their friend.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Expert Forgery Passive Advantage on checks made to make copies of items or writings
Kenku Training Proficiency Two of Acrobatics, Deception, Stealth, Sleight of Hand
Mimicry Passive, Restriction You mimic sounds you've heard but are unable to speak with your own voice. A creature's Insight is rolled against your Deception to figure out the rouse.
Languages Proficiency Common and Auran


Small Draconfolk. Obsession is a powerful thing, and the willingness to throw oneself fully and bodily into their work is either the sign of genius or madness. Kobolds ride that line every day, often moving closer into insanity with every invention, intention, or intervention. Due to the monolithic nature of their thinking, they often rely on their friends and close-knit communities for inspiration for their work; they find creativity to be an external pact tactic.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., Dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Grovel, Cower, and Beg Action Guaranteed to distract all enemies within 10 ft., gives your allies advantage on attack rolls and ability checks, once per short rest
Pact Tactics Passive You have advantage on attack rolls when an ally is within 5 ft. of you
Sunlight Sensitivity Restriction Disadvantage on sight-based Perception checks and attack rolls in sunlight
Languages Proficiency Common and Draconic


Lionfolk. With a community called a pride, there is a strong sense of importance in every leonin individual.




Elephantfolk. Strong grey bodies are as large as the lives they live,

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Powerful Build Example Example
Loxodon Serenity Example Example
Natural Armor Example Example


Bullfolk. Once considered monstrous and unknowable, minotaurs have made their way from the bellowing wilds into society. Their mazelike minds hold secrets from the wild and weird world, knowledge of stories untold.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Horns Melee Weapon Attack 1d6 + Str piercing
Goring Rush Bonus Action After dash action (20 ft. in a str8 line), you can attack with your horn
Hammering Horns Bonus Action After attack action, you can shove target 10 ft. away. Strength save DC 8 + Str + Prof bonus
Imposing Presence Proficiency Intimidation or Persuasion
Languages Proficiency Common and Minotaur







Weretouched. Whether one of your ancestors was of one of the bestial races, or the curse of lycanthropy runs in your bloodline, animalistic traits surface on your being. In addition, you are able to shift into a more esoteric and anthropomorphized form, increasing your already prominent features, strengthening your connection to your wild side. In Snakeworld, Shifters can be the offspring of a humanoid and bestial humanoid relation, such as minotaur/elf, loxodon/dwarf, human/tabaxi, percentling/aarakocra, or satyr/orc!

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., Dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Keen Senses Proficiency Perception
Shifting Bonus Action Transform for one (1) minute once per long rest, gain level + Con mod temp HP, plus benefits from subrace.
Languages Proficiency Common


Descendants of wereboars or werebears, the strong loxodon or impregnable tortle, you stand tough against the outside forces of the world. You are able to draw strength from the hibernating anger inside of you.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Tough Proficiency Athletics
Shifting Feature Passive Extra 1d6 temp HP when shifting, +1 AC


The mighty leonin or fierce werewolf is your predacious parent, drawing on aspects of tigers or hyenas. Your sabreteeth extend as worthy weapons to take down mighty monsters.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Fierce Proficiency Intimidation
Shifting Feature Bonus Action Fangs deal 1d6 + Str piercing


Whether you herald from the haregon or are quick as a kangaroo, your swift strides make you difficult to catch. Elusive evasions have saved you so far. Perhaps a descendant of an ancient aarakocra, your feathers flying you faster. In any regard, your grace gets you out of more danger than you can recall.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Graceful Proficiency Acrobatics
Swift Stride Movement Base speed 35 ft. (see chart)
Shifting Feature Movement, Reaction While shifted your speed increases by 5.

When an enemy ends w/in 5 ft. of you, you can move up to 10 feet w/out provoking opportunity attacks, using your reaction


Eyes of the hawk, pride of a lion, ferocity of a wolf. These shifters are natural-born leaders, able to emphatically bond with members of their found family. Dogmen and canine people that are fiercely loyal, that are able to mark scents and track foes.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Natural Tracker Proficiency Survival
Mark the Scent Bonus Action Once per short rest, mark a creature within 10 ft., this mark lasts until the end of your next long rest.

Your prof bonus is doubled for checks made to find the creature. You always know where it is if w/in 60 ft.

Shifting Feature Passive Advantage on Wisdom checks while shifted


from UA 1 - Eberron

Progeny of the satyr, or child of a weregoat, your connection to climbing is strong. Perhaps you are part spider, clinging to walls with no sense of gravity.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Shifting Feature Passive While shifted you gain a climb speed of 30 ft.


from UA 1 - Eberron

The talons of a hawk, the claws of a wolverine, the spines of a porcupine. You slash forward at speeds unseen.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Shifting Feature Bonus Action When shifted, you can make an unarmed strike, 1d4 + Dex slashing damage


Catfolk. Feline forms are usually slender, sleek, with hair like that of a particular breed of cat. Whether housecat



To become more than you once were is simultaneously melancholic and self-actualizing. It is ok to miss the life you had, to mourn the person you were. But to accept the way you are is to truly live absurdly.


Uncommon Aasimar Traits by filibuster frog.

Descended from angels on high, archons above, or other celestial beings, an aasimar is a holy union between a mortal and the divine. Devas are usually assigned to mortal heroes, to guide them with visions and emotions. Despite the lawful nature of the Upper Planes, however, the unpredictable nature of mortals can call for other (more powerful) beings to act as their guide. Some stony grey skin aasimar have empyreans watching over them, while one with skeletal markings and wings could follow a fallen idol. Golden tattoos, like Garthy O'Brien from Fantasy High, or glowing eyes like a prophet.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Darkvision Passive 60 ft., dim becomes bright, dark becomes dim
Celestial Resistance Damage Resistance Radiant and Necrotic damage
Healing Hands Action Touch a creature to heal them, hp equal to level, once per long rest
Light Bearer Action Light cantrip
Languages Proficiency Common and Celestial


Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Radiant Soul Action 1 minute transformation, gain 30 ft. flying speed, deal extra radiant damage equal to level once per turn.

Luminous wings appear behind you. Once per long rest


Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Radiant Consumption Action 1 minute transformation, gain 30 ft. flying speed, deal extra radiant damage equal to level once per turn.

Luminous wings appear behind you. Once per long rest





Planetouched. Instead of being a race born and lived, genasi in Snakeworld are a magical state embued onto the adventurer. Whether one dies in relation to the element, are tied to some prophesy, or are watched over by an elemental or genie of the plane, something changed their personhood to that of the ephemeral.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Launguages Proficiency Common and Primordial


Free and fast, the windtouched are often stressed by the sheer amount of possibilities available in their mortal lives. So much to do, so little time, the wild wide world holds so much experience and an infinite amount of stories. The most important ideal to the people of air is that of freedom. Allowing yourself to follow your whims the way the breeze changes in the way happiness is maintained. Staying in one state for too long of a time is the way to soul gets weather, the patterns of storms and twisters that impose their own events and wills onto the environment.

Creature Traits Relevancy Effect
Unending Breath Passive While not incapacitated, you can hold your breath indefinitely.
Mingle with the Wind Action Once per long rest, you can cast Levitate.


Layers of complexity and strength lie in the stonetouched strong, from the crust and dusty dirt to deep within the earthy core. At their heart, they resist change and prefer graduality, living a life full ruled by inertia. The primary ideal imbued from the earth is that of foundation. The fact that there is a basis for the decisions made by ancestors of the past, friends of the present, and decedents of the future can give the individual earthfolk much comfort.

Creature Trait Relevancy Effect
Earth Walk Passive Difficult terrain made by earth or stone does not cost extra movement to traverse
Merge with Stone Action Once per long rest, you can cast Pass Without Trace


Bright and warm, the flametouched draw people in like a campfire at night or a torchlight in the distance. Their anger is legendary and consuming and often leaves a burning wreck in its wake. The ideal that these genasi cling to is moments of inspiration, which they call flicker.




Fiendmarked. Whether by curse, the reemergence of ancestral deviance, or transformational sin,

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