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A race of body stealing souls.

Physical Description[edit]

Priaced appear as many different creatures, having the form of any creature that they possess. The only difference between them and the previous owner of their body is that during times of extreme emotions or while channeling magic, the Prisaced's eyes shine the color of their soul.

While not possessing someone they appear as a Humanoid shadow form that hovers above the ground. The color will always reflect the Priaced's personality.


Thousands of years ago a group of mages sought out a way to give themselves immortality. They managed to make their souls immortal but destroyed their bodies, leaving them unable to completely enjoy their newfound immortality. Although they quickly discovered that they could steal the bodies of other beings, with their minds and personalities staying intact. The bodies would age as normal, forcing them to switch eventually and leading lives that would allow for it.


Priaced are very rare and hardly ever meet each other. This is because they are often not welcome because of their nature, making many of them secretive wanderers. When they do meet other members they often show extreme curiosity and protectiveness, having to be around each other at all times.

Members of the race often try and either go under the radar by taking bodies from low standing members of society or they attempt to take them from upper members and will control cities or even countries for centuries with no one noticing they are simply possessing the would be new royalty.

When two Priaced do manage to find members of their race that are the opposite sex they will often attempt to reproduce. This can be only done in their true form though so they often do it in secret. The baby will then be born as a small orb several months later. Although raising the child is often difficult due to it aging similarly to a normal human child. If they have a baby using a host body it will be born functionally as if the Priaced was a human and counted as a parent.


They often take names that represent either their personality, color, or fighting style but also sometimes pretend to be their host and will take their name. They usually pick more masculine names if they are male or the reverse if they are female but this is not always true.

Green, Wizardling, Observer, Putrid, Smooth, etc.


Souls that posses other living things
Ability Score Increase. Charisma +2 and Intelligence +2. At 1st level, choose two of your skills to become proficient in.
Age. They live indefinitely but can be slain.
Alignment. Any, but taking over the body of an innocent, or a good alignment creature requires non-Good alignment.
Size. Their height is 5ft5 to 6ft5 and their weight is negligible, making them medium size in their true form. Otherwise, height, weight, and size is based on whatever body they are in.
Speed. Their base walking speed is 20 in true form and they hover 3 feet above the ground. They gain any walking and movement speeds of the current body they are using.
Body Stealing. Priaced can steal other humanoid type bodies through touch as an action. The Priaced can jump, as if a bolt of lighting of the same color as the Priaced soul, from the previous host's body to the new one. The Priaced can also steal bodies through touch when they are in their true form. The target must be incapacitated or willing for the transfer to be possible. Incapacitated means that they are stunned such that they are prevented from moving, taking actions, or speaking as if by Hypnotic Pattern. They look and move exactly like the previous owner of the body they now possess. You do not need to attempt to try and mimic habits or the way they talk as this comes naturally. Any diseases, curses or impairments that are physical or mental are gained for the entire time you are in this body. The body must be living in order to be used and is exactly the same as it was the second it was acquired (injuries will also carry over). While in a host body they have the hosts stats for STR, DEX, and CON; these will change when the body is switched. INT, WIS and CHA are kept.

To start as a Priaced, choose a humanoid creatures body. Roll STR, DEX, and CON for this body, but be aware that these will change as you take new forms. As you take new forms, you do not get abilities from the possessed creature other than physical ones (IE wings or darkvison), so no magical abilities are carried over. However, the Priaced gains any missing proficiencies required for the possessed creature's current state- e.g. armor and weapon proficiencies.

Priaced can only take over a new form once every three days due to the energy required; a Priaced can attempt to take over bodies at a faster rate, but must pass a CON check with disadvantage. The CON check is DC 20 if the Priaced has taken a new host in the past 24 hours, DC 15 if in the past 48 hours, and DC 10 if in the past 72 hours. Furthermore, when taking over a new form, the Priaced and its new host are both incapacitated for 1d6 hours as the Priaced takes over the body and consumes the hosts mind.

Lastly, only the Priaced in true form is able to roll death saving throws. If the host body dies, the Priaced is ejected with no way to save or resist this effect, and taking any excess damage applied to the host.
Soul Riding. Priaced can optionally ride in a hosts body without taking over or injuring the host. The Priaced enters the host in the same manner and with the same restrictions as Body Stealing, but has no limit on how many times it can be done, and requires a willing host. While Soul Riding, the Priaced can force the host to do a particular action with an opposed INT check, but otherwise can take no actions. The host is able to hear the Priaced speak inside their head, and is able to eject the Priaced at any time.
Knowledge Retention. Roll an intelligence saving throw to see how much of the hosts memory you retain. A 1-14 results in only basic mannerisms and speech patterns. A 15-19 gives knowledge of the extremely significant events of the persons life. A 20-24 gives knowledge of significant events and basic things they have done in the last week, as well as important people. A 25 and up results in all knowledge being retained.
Moving On. Priaced can freely leave their body at any time they wish by simply exiting it or by transferring to a new host. The now vacant body will still function until it dies of natural causes. The body is not capable of anything more than breathing and will lay there until something has happened to it.
True Form. When a host body dies, the Priaced can exit the body and roll a CHA saving throw DC 15 to intimidate its opponent. On a fail, the opponent is effected with Fear for 1d4 rounds, or until injured.
Hovering. While in true form Priaced hover 3 feet above the ground. If the ground is not near them they will float gently down towards the ground. They do not have control over this movement.
Natural Liars. Priaced have advantage on any checks or saves to pretend to be their host, and advantage on any deception checks.
Pocket Realm. Priaced have a place of storage in another realm, as if they had a Bag of Holding. They can store items in this realm and pull them back out at any time. The Priaced must carry a token item, like a small bag, to access this realm. The token can be replaced and will access the same pocket realm, but requires attunement. The token works for any individual, not just the Priaced, and can be stolen. The area is approximately a 3.5 foot cube (large enough for a shortsword, but not a longsword), and it is a vacuum. If the Priaced itself dies, everything in this pocket realm is permanently lost.
Languages. Common

Height and Weight[edit]

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