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Power Skills[edit]

Power skills are skills that allow the possessing character to gain access to an extraordinary power. These skills can only be taken when you gain the Evolved feat, and a character can only possess a single power skill unless another rule states otherwise;

Example: a character with the Power (empathy) skill can gain access to other power skills after coming into contact with another evolved person.

A character can use power skills as much as he would like as long as he takes the proper action to activate it. A power skill takes an attack action, that provokes an attack of opportunity, to activate unless otherwise stated. A power skills effect is considered an extraordinary ability. A character can use a power skill only if he is conscious, unless stated otherwise.

If a GM chooses they may make the character gain a power at random, rolling a d% and consulting the table bellow.

Random % Power Skill Name Short Description
01-03 Accelerated Probability A character can predict the outcome of almost any situation.
04-06 Alchemy A character can manipulate the basic structure of materials.
07-09 Animal Control A character can control animals.
10-12 Body Control A character can mimic the physical actions of others.
13-15 Earth Control A character can change and mold the earth to his liking.
16-18 Emotion A character can alter the emotions of others.
19-21 Empathy A character can gain access to other Power skills.
22-25 Energy Control A character can manipulate a certain type of energy. Fire, cold, electricity, acid, sonic, force, metal, or microwaves.
26-30 Enhanced Hearing A character has extraordinary hearing.
31-35 Enhanced Sight A character has extraordinary eye sight.
36-40 Flight A character has the ability to fly.
41-45 Healing A character can heal the wounds of others.
46-48 Illumination A character can create bright light or darkness.
49-52 Illusion A character can create illusions.
53-55 Invisibility A character can become invisible for a period of time as the spell Invisibility.
56-58 Mental Control A character can read the minds of others.
59-61 Phasing A character can walk through walls.
62-64 Plant Control A character can control plants.
65-67 Precognition A character can see the future.
68-69 Regeneration A character can heal her own wounds faster than normal.
70-72 Space/Time Control A character can slow time to almost a stand still.
73-77 Speed A character can gain a burst of speed.
78-82 Strength A character can increase his own strength to that of super human.
83-85 Supercharge A character can enhance the powers of other evolved.
86-89 Technopathy A character can manipulate and communicate with computers.
90-94 Telekinesis A character can manipulate objects with his mind.
95-98 Water Control A character can manipulate water.
99-100 Weather Control A character can control the weather to some degree.

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