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This page will describe a variation on the base rules to overhaul the potion and alchemy system of the system that frankly dosent work. This will be roughly based on the Witcher series

the main changes this rule variation is to make the potion recipes easier to keep track of, descriptions of each of the ingredients and also a new system to make it easier to keep track and use your potions


The main change this variant will bring is the fact each potion has a toxicity value which gets added to your character when they drink them. too much toxicity will cause them to feel ill, fall unconscious or even die in some cases.

Each character has a max toxicity that they can handle, this is determined by their constitution score and posibly some items. to calculate your toxicity threshold. your constitution modifier X 10 and added to 100

E.G. con modifier +3 30 + 100 = max toxicity of 130

if the toxicity gets to the characters max they pass out and dont wake up again until the toxins get below half the max (E.G. 65) and if the toxicity gos half above there max (E.G. 195) they enter a critical state which acts the same as the death save rule.

over time the characters toxicity will decrese naturally or even with the assist of other potions. toxicity will only decrese when there are no potions in effect.

the way to work out the rate of this decrese is

your constitution modifire + a base of 10

E.G +3 + 10 = 13

every 5 minutes the characters toxicity will decrese by this value


Potions can be drank at any point and uses an action or a bonus action the drink or administer one. Potions can also be administered to unconscious characters but this requires a full turn administer it as it'll be more difficult to have them drink it.

The is no limit to the amount of potions that can be drunk and there are no ill effects for mixing them, the only thing to keep in mind is the toxicity.



Tier 1 potions[edit]

Potion Effect Duration Toxicity Ingredients Preparation Taste Buying price Selling price
Swollow Heals 1d4 + 2 each turn 3 turns 20 1 × Dwarven spirit 5 × Celandine 1 × Drowner brain Ingredients ground together and lightly boiled Very strong grassy taste with a slightly rancid taste Example Example
Cat Grants 60ft darkvision but gives a sensitivity to bright light 3 Hour 15 1 × Dwarven spirit 4 × Berbercane fruit 2 × Water essence Finely chop the fruit and grind it into the spirit, then mix in the water essence Very fruity taste with a hint of liquor, bit like schnapps Example Example
Thunderbolt Add a d6 to your melee damage rolls 1 Hour 25 1 × Dwarven spirit 2 × Cortinarius 1 × Insectoid embryo Finely chop the cortianris and embryo and boil in the spirit A strong earthy taste with a slight sour taste Example Example
White Honey Clears all toxicity and potion effects Instant N/A 1 × Dwarven spirit 1 × Honeysuckle Ingredients lightly boiled together Slightly sweat and floral but overpowered by the taste of strong liquor Example Example

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