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Phasing (Con; Armor Penalty; Trained Only; Power)[edit]

Check: Using this skill allows a character to pass through solid matter. The character becomes Incorporeal for purposes of passing through solid objects. The check result determines if a character can pass through just non-living objects or if they can also pass through living objects. Once the character has passed through the intended object they become physical again and must make another check if they wish to pass through another object.

Example: Joel is trapped inside of a sealed room, he decides to use his power to walk through the wall to the other side. He makes his check to pass through non-living objects, a DC 10, and passes he then passes through the object as if he was Incorporeal and exits on the other side. At the moment he exits the wall he retains his physical body. If he then ran into the guards for his prison he then could make a DC 20 check to pass through their bodies.
Allowed Objects Check DC
Any non-living object 10
Any object 20

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