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Pets are companions for the cookiefolks, they have special skills that will trigger at certain conditions, in order to use the pet skill again, the cookiefolk must do a long rest. Some pets can talk common fluidly, but most pets are simply limited to do sounds. For simplicity's sake, only official pets will be given an effect documentation, any pet made for an original character will obviously NOT be documented here since it would be easy to build.

Furball Pup[edit]

Belongs to: Werewolf Cookie

When Werewolf Cookie's HP reaches 0 points, Furball Pup will bring a potion that will heal him for 50% of his base HP. It will only activate once.

Meat King[edit]

Belongs to: Tiger Lily Cookie

When Tiger Lily Cookie's HP reaches 10%, Meat King will roar to distract the enemies that are near her in 15 ft., they must make a Wisdom saving throw or fall under the fear status in a failed number, on a success, it will just make Tiger Lily move out of their way for 30 ft. as an extra action.


Belongs to: Bell Pepper Cookie

Dark Spirit Helmet[edit]

Belongs to: Dark Choco Cookie


Belongs to: Ion Cookie Robot

  • Lvl. 1: Recovers all cookies by 15 HP once Ion Cookie Robot has reached 10 HP or below.
  • Lvl. 2: (Levels up once Ion has reached level 5): Recovers all cookies by 20 HP once Ion Cookie Robot has reached 15 HP or below.
  • Lvl. 3: (Levels up once Ion has reached level 8): Recovers all cookies by 25 HP once Ion Cookie Robot has reached 20 HP or below.

Juice Tumbler[edit]

Belongs to: Grapefruit Cookie

  • Lvl. 1: Gives Grapefruit Cookie +3 Dexterity when her HP is below ¼.
  • +5 at Lvl 2 (When Grapefruit reaches level 5)
  • +7 at Lvl 3 (When Grapefruit reaches level 8)

Bad Pepper[edit]

Belongs to: Chili Pepper Cookie

  • Lvl. 1: Once Chili Pepper Cookie reaches half HP or below, Bad Pepper grants Chili Pepper an extra +1 damage per hit dealt to her. (Maxes out at +5)
  • Lvl. 2: Extra +2 damage per hit, Maxes out at +10
  • Lvl. 3: Extra +3 damage per hit, Maxes out at +15

Energy Scale[edit]

Belongs to: Alchemist Cookie

  • Lvl. 1: When Alchemist Cookie’s HP reaches 0, revives her with x% hp (x being based off a 1d20 roll. 1-5=25%, 6-10=35%, 11-15=45%, 16-20=55%, >20=65%)
  • Lvl. 2: Adds +3 to the 1d20 roll.
  • Lvl. 3: Adds +5 to the 1d20 roll.

Pocket Watch Referee[edit]

Belongs to: White Choco Cookie

Hot Doggie[edit]

Belongs to: Mustard Cookie

Master Prune[edit]

Belongs to: Plum Cookie

On Plum’s Turn, Master Prune is able to do one of two actions: fire a ki beam or a huge rock towards the enemy as an attack, or do a motivational quote that can boost the attack damage to a cookie at choice.


Belongs to: Ginseng Cookie

At the end of Ginseng's turn, it heals a random cookie if they have been damaged before Ginseng (10 HP at lvl 1, 20 HP at level 3 and 30 HP at level 5) three times. They can also heal cookies' status conditions upon reaching level 5.

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