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Path of The Ichor[edit]

Barbarian Subclass

Barbarians are renowned for their hardy resistance and overwhelming might, but few are known to utilize the vitality that runs within their veins in order to dominate the battlefield. Blood is a harness, and The Path of The Ichor has harnessed the harness, emptying their bodies to form weaponry when none else is near. The Brink of Death is the biggest threat to an Ichor Barbarian, weakening their attacks and scraping their resolve, but those skilled enough in their combat tactics are able to stave off that weakness. Powerful Ichor Barbarians are known to be able to deal extra damage, heal themselves, and shield themselves. Death is a fine line walked by those of this Path, for Death is where they tread, but Life is when they thrive.

Sanguine Presence

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, the control over your vitality allows you to turn blood into your weapon. As a Bonus action, you can conure any Simple or Martial Weapon of your choice out of your blood. When you create a weapon in this way, you take damage equal to the maximum amount able to be rolled on the weapons damage dice. You are considered proficient with blood weaponry and when rolling to hit and damage, you can choose to use Constitution instead of Strength for the rolls. This weaponry lasts for one minute, destabilizing and falling apart at the end of the minute. The weaponry falters early if the weapons removed from your grip.


Starting at 6th level, your bloodwork has transformed into a more potent and versatile form. Once per round while raging, the first succesful Attack made with a weapon from your Sanquine Prescene deal an Additional 1d6 amount of Necrotic Damage, This amount of damage increases to 2d6 at 14th level. This additional damage is halved if you are below half health. Additionally, when you hit an enemy with an attack, you can use your reaction to revitalize yourself from it's wounds, gaining hitpoints equal to half the amount of damage dealt. You can choose to do this after the attack hits but before you roll for damage


At 10th level, you're able to shield yourself with the blood flowing through your veins. As a reaction when you're hit with an attack, you can roll the additional damage die granted by Bloodlust and add the result to your Armor Class, this effect lasts until the end of your next turn. The amount added to your AC is halved when you're below half health, and using this feature prevents you from rolling the extra damage granted by your Bloodlust on your next turn. You can use this feature once per rage, and may activate this feature after the attack against you is made but before the outcome is determined


Starting at 14th level, you have become fully accustomed to tapping into reserves and drawing blood thin. The additional damage of Bloodlust and The AC boost of Coagulation is doubled when at Full Hp, and damage caused by Sanguine Presence is now half the weapons damage doe maximum, rather than it's maximum amount

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