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Price 5,100 gp; Aura moderate divination and transmutation; CL 8th; Weight 1 lb.

This black leather headband has two small amber gemstones set so they rest on the wearer's forehead. The headband grants the wearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence. Treat this as a temporary ability bonus for the first 24 hours the headband is worn. It also grants skill ranks as a headband of vast intelligence, but always grants ranks in a Knowledge skill.

As a swift action three times per day, the wearer can call upon the headband to reveal the abilities and weaknesses of a creature within line of sight. The headband fills the wearer's mind with information as though the wearer had made a Knowledge check with a natural roll of a 5, adding her bonuses to the check as normal. At the start of her next turn, the wearer receives additional information as though she had made the check with a natural roll of 10. At the start of her turn after that, the wearer receives a final piece of information, treating her natural roll as 15.

Construction Requirements[edit]

Cost 2,550 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, know the enemy ( Ultimate Magic)

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