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"I will solve every problem by acquiring knowledge" -Oxyn.

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Oxyn is a wizard and an alchemist from the region "Lorristrad" a universe created by Lorenzo, an Italian dungeon master, in a game that took place in 2017-2018. Oxyn is one of the most powerful wizards of all time, so strong that he could create his own enchantments and even bend space and time at his will. He became so powerful in his life that he achieved immortality and the possibility to travel in every possible dimension.


Oxyn was born in the region of Morden, a human empire in Lorristrad that strongly discourage the use of magic. However, in their capital, Al-Gundur, there is the only place in all the empire where magic can be taught: the "Tower of the wizards", an apparently infinite tower where all the wizards learn and teach magic to their students. It's in this place that Oxyn's father, Joderr, brought him at the age of 8 years old, after he accidentally gave fire to their house with his young and uncontrolled magic powers. Oxyn became the apprentice of one of the most powerful wizards of all Lorristrad, Aceraks, a member of the high council of 20, who sensed the strong magic aura of the young boy. Aceraks trained Oxyn in all the various form of magic, and he was particularly talented in invocation, evocation and illusion. At only the age of 14 years old, Oxyn created his first spell, the purple flame, a different and more powerful version of magic missile. The power of this spell was so much that when he first showed it to Aceraks, he taught that Oxyn found it in some forbidden and forgotten book of dark magic. After this event, Aceraks started to take more seriously the training of the boy, because of his undoubtedly talent in magic. At the age of 17 he had all the 6 bracelet of basic magic, a system that was used in the Tower of wizards to prove that a wizard mastered an art: he had the ring of Illusion, Charming, Evocation, Invocation, Trasmutation and Divination. Then, Oxyn decided that he wanted to learn more, and started to secretly study the art of Necromancy. It was in this particular period, when he seemed to slowly overcome every wizard in the tower, that Oxyn started to think that the magic could be used to bend the reality more than how they all were taught it was possible. He was used to experiment on living and dead lab rats, but he then started to rob cemeteries of corpses to perform Necromancy. He was caught in the middle of the act by Acerak, who was suspicious about the strange routine of his student. Acerak hidden the practice of Oxyn from the council eye, to avoid the expulsion of his student, but only when he promised him that he would never do it again.

The quest for "The book of Stars"

When Oxyn was 17, the two wizards, him and his master Acerak, started a quest to find "The book of Stars", a secret and long forgotten book written by the first wizard, where, probably, there was written something that could change the vision of the world of everyone, as well as some of the most powerful enchantments, spells that even the council of 20 ignored the existence. Acerak thought that this book should not fall in the wrong hands and, for this reason, he wanted to destroy it. But Oxyn had something else in his mind: He wanted to read the book and acquire it's knowledge, to use it to make the life of everyone better, to stop the eternal war that tormented the lives of all the races of Lorristrad. Once they acquired the position of the book, asking it to the great elder of Lorristrad, an immortal gnome called by the people "the-one-who-knows-everything", they hired a company of mercenaries to escort and help them cross all the way to the only volcano in Lorristrad. Once they found the book, the young but powerful wizard tried to convince his mentor to try to learn the secrets contained in the tome. Acerak refused categorically, telling him that the book must be destroyed, and Oxyn's thoughts about killing his master, emotions that grew up during their trip, became true. Oxyn, during this quest to find and destroy the book, thought that his master, as well as the other wizards, were too much traditionally bond to the "superficial" magic, and that they would never achieve something more than living confined in a tower, hated by everyone else that don't belong to their order. "The book of Stars" was the perfect possibility to REALLY learn something that could change the world forever, and he couldn't let it be destroyed by a fool old man, even if he was his master and practically a father figure. So Oxyn, helped by Martel (a black guard) and Maedhros (a pure necromancer), two of the 5 sellswords that they hired, killed Nadier, Reidan, Kuvrat Khan, (the other 3 mercenaries) and Acerak. The wizard then, petrified his 2 allies, Martel and Maedhros, to use the book only for what he tought was "the grater good".

Oxyn's social climbing of Morden society.

When he returned to Morden alone, after his quest, that was kept secret by Acerak, he told to the council of 20 that they were ambushed in their travel by a Pit fiend and other demons, summoned by a dark wizard, and that he was the only survivor of 7 people. Obviously, no one believed him, but, when the wizards tried to read his mind, Oxyn was able to deceive them all and make them believe in what he said, using powerful illusions. Finding out that Oxyn was able to survive such a strong threat, the council decided to give him a place in their ranks, even because they were missing the 20th component, that was Acerak. Finally, Oxyn tought, the student surpassed the master. In the 2 years that came, Oxyn continued to secretly study Necromancy in the rooms of his dead mentor, until was discovered by 2 of the council members, Radwiz and Irul, wizards that never believed the story that Oxyn told them 2 years ago. He was then expelled from the Tower of the Wizards for this studies, but, thereafter a mysterious dark plague that occurred in the Tower, he was called back to help the wizards to contain and destroy it. Oxyn's help has been so central to the purge of this dark plague that the council decided to forgive him, and admit him again in the Tower, as well as in the council of 20. Since and before this moment, Oxyn obsessively tried to use "The book of Stars" and learn his secrets, but it was written in an ancient alphabet, that no one could recognize. He studied every single known language of Lorristrad, but no one was useful to understand a word of the book. He then decided to focus for a while his studies to something else, and started to learn the art of alchemy. At the age of 25, Oxyn was the most powerful wizard in the Tower of Wizards, and a master of alchemy too, and the council entrusted to him the teachings of a young boy, Ire, who seemed to have an incredibly strong predisposition to the fire enchantments. Recognizing his talent, Oxyn taught Ire in the art of magic, especially in the pyromancy, to let him know how to control his power. In this period, he created a special potion to emulate an elixir of long life: he planned to use it to fool the nobles, the priests and the higher ranks of Morden empire, to let them pass over his "secret" experiments of necromancy and even covering them from the eyes of the council of 20. The plan worked out perfectly, even if a famous group of adventurers, "the company of Dunmoore", tried to investigate on the "mysterious" disappearances caused by the kidnappings of Oxyn to perpetuate his experiments. Their investigation were found out by Oxyn and his apprentice Ire, and they all got killed by the wizard. After this events, Oxyn held with his false elixirs all the higher ranks of Morden, and could act as he wished to continue his studies. At the age of 30, he was a respected and feared wizard, known in all the empire, and probably the most powerful of all Lorristrad.

Oxyn's senses experiments.

In the years that followed, the obsession for "The Book of Stars" became so strong in Oxyn that he decided to start a quest to find the origins of the mysterious language in which the book was written. He traveled across all Lorristrad, fighting and defeating alone every enemy that stood on his path and, finally, he found a ruin belonging to the Unira, the first clan of Lorristrad which was able to build an empire, named "The Golden Allegiance", two thousands of years before. In their kings tomb was hidden the secret alphabet to read the book. Once he came back with the alphabet and started translating it, he slowly realized the scope of the knowledge contained in it: there were written secrets experiments to improve the five senses, in order to see things that a normal human, even powerful as himself, could not even imagine. There was written ways not only to bend, but to travel in time and space, and even in other dimensions. He was so exited to be able to read such secrets that he didn't even finished to translate the book to try this experiments. With the help of Ire, his apprentice, the only one who knew of the book, Oxyn acquired, after many and many experiments, five senses totally unhuman. He could hear perfectly every sound around him in a range of more than 100 meters. He could perceive the movement of every creature around him just by feeling the vibration in the ground. He could smell a monster or a human while he was mile away. He could taste and recognize every poison just by ingest a single drop of a liquid. But, when he modified his sense of view, he found out something terrible. SOMETHING was watching him and everyone else by outside the reality. SOMETHING more powerful than every monster that he has found and defeated. SOMETHING unimaginable. After the view experiment done on himself, Oxyn prevented his student Ire, who was subjected to this changes too, to conclude the experiment on his view. He couldn't let his student perceive the real terror of being watched constantly by this SOMETHING.

The power of Time and Space.

Oxyn decided to become even more powerful in order to defeat this creatures. After being expelled for the second time from the Tower of the Wizards, when the council found out again about his illegal experiments, he decided to create the stone and the staff that, as The Book of Stars said, would be able to break the rules of time and space, in order to travel around the dimension and find a way to destroy this mysterious creatures that were menacing his universe. Pouring all his will and magic power in to the horrible ritual to create the stone, he managed to give life to a "Stone of Time". Then, after another unmentionable ritual, he created the staff too, and united it with the stone. Now, he was the second wizard of all time to posses the power of time and space in every possible ways. He achieved a pure immortality, something that not even the stronger lich could reach. He then finished to translate The Book of Stars and found out something even more absurd: the book was written by himself, and was hidden in the volcano after he acquired the power of time travelling. He gave the alphabet and a copy of the book to the Unira, in order to let his "past" himself found it in the "future". With this scepter, named by himself the "Dimensional Staff", Oxyn was capable of things that no one could even hope to accomplish. With his incredible developed senses he then slowly started to sense the other dimensions, since he was now something more than a mere human, living now in a four dimensional space. But, he still had to get rid of this monsters that were watching all the living beings of Lorristrad...

The prophecy.

Travelling in the other possible dimensions of Lorristrad, Oxyn learned about a mysterious prophecy that could help him to face this monstrosity. The prophecy, found in a space between time and reality, said that he would be helped by 5 brave warriors. Four of them belonged to his actual realm of origin, the first Lorristrad in which he always lived, the other one would be found in another parallel universe. Only if those 5 warriors would have been together, Oxyn could be able to beat this SOMETHING. And so he did it. He maneuvered the wires of their lives in order to make them meet in a city near Al-Gundur, a small village named Roristead. The 5 men, an halfling bard named Allen, an human paladin named Graze, a Drow druid named Grimmok (the one from another dimension, where Oxyn travelled to take him away), an human wizard named Wuldgraad and a tiger lycanthrope named Faradorn met in Roristead and started their quest, ignoring their great fate.

Oxyn's ascension.

While Oxyn was maneuvering the wires of the company of the prophecy to guide them to him, Ire decided to run away from his master, because he was being tormented by the remorse of all the experiments that they have done together. He found the group of 5 and tell them all the truths about Oxyn and his experiments, and even the mysterious behavior that his mentor had in the last months after the view experiments. In fact, Oxyn started to hide from everyone in his studio, trying to collect every knowledge he could to face the monstrosity that was coming for everyone, and was slowly falling into madness. The burden of all the responsibility on himself, now that Ire, the only one who knew almost everything he did in the last years, left him, was crushing him. After a couple of weeks, the group arrived at Al-Gundur, and one of the most loyal Oxyn's servant, an halfling named Omurl, manipulated the group using an illusion scroll gifted by Oxyn, to guide them to the cove of the wizard. When they arrived there, Oxyn tried to talk to them, but the stories that Ire told them made Graze, the paladin, attack Oxyn without remorse. Allen, Grimmok and Wuldgraad followed their companion Graze, and the only one who didn't was Faradorn, the lycanthrope. Oxyn, self aware about his power, decided to contain himself, and let them destroy his physical body, sure about the fact that his spirit, now that is bond to the Dimansional Staff, would still be alive in the realms of existance. They managed to kill him and destroy his body, burning it, but the wizard was too strong for them. He successfully recreated his body, and started to guide the five adventurers with a very low profile. Using a peculiar piece of mirror that he let them found, one of the many artifact that he created, Oxyn was able to always watch them, and giving them hints on how to get the information they wanted.

The last battle of Oxyn.

Compulsively trying to find a solution to the annihilation of everyone perpetuated by this mysterious creature, Oxyn found out something even more terrible. He was now so powerful that not even a god was a match for him. He studied and traveled around dimensions so much that he discovered that his world, as all its parallel dimensions, was just a game. A game played by people, living in another world, people who were watching and using them to have fun. He couldn't believe that, but, at last, The Creator, Lorenzo, showed himself to him, congratulating to Oxyn for the incredible results that he accomplished. No one but him, with his talent, could obtain such knowledge and power, and now, for this reason, The Creator would give him a gift: a tower that contained, written in books, all the knowledge of the universe. Oxyn was mesmerized by this news. He couldn't believe that all the love, hate, joy, sadness, sufferings and hopes of the people and creatures of the world were just a mere game of dices. And so, he became the very thing he swore to destroy. And, perhaps, he has always been the monstrosity. Oxyn so, decided, with all his power and knowledge, to destroy the universe and all his parallel dimension, absorbing them in himself, to create another universe with his rules, an universe with the aim of living to the sole purpose of living. But, as the prophecy said, the group of 5 would help him to destroy the thing that was menacing the universe. And so it was. After a legendary battle of titans, Oxyn and the five adventurers clashed to decide what would have happened. The five adventurers, with the help of The Creator, finally managed to destroy Oxyn once for all, and save the universe. But Oxyn never really died. The Creator, Lorenzo, wrote his story, and now he lives in all the minds of the people that read it. He traveled in the universe of the minds of the 5 players that played Lorenzo's campaign, and now he is really immortal, knowing that life, even if it's just fiction, it's always life...

Oxyn's enchantments.

Purple flame: the first enchantment created by Oxyn. It's an incredibly powerful version of magic missile. Up to ten purple darts appears on the hand of the wizard. They may be canalized into one single shot. The darts, at wizard's will, can explode after they hit the target.

Definitive multiplication: The second enchantment that Oxyn created, during the quest for the Book of Stars. The wizard create one or more copy of himself, in base of the power of the mage. This copies are "real" people. They have the same amount of health and statistics of the wizard, as well as all his capabilities, and the user can switch himself with one of them anytime he wants. They act in the will of their original one. There is no limit of distance that they must maintain, and there is no difference between them and the original one. It's an incredibly hard enchantment to perform: even the most powerful wizards that learned this spell could successfully create only a maximum of seven or eight copy of themselves, due to the difficulty of maintain such powerful copies. Oxyn managed to create up to 30 copies of himself.

Aura of despair: The wizard create a purple aura around him, up to 30 meters, that invoke in the minds of his enemies horrendous visions of failures and death. The most weak of will immediately fell on the ground, the others are incapacitated to use any sort of magic in the range of the spell, and their strength is severely reduced.

Daemon eyes: In order to control demons, Oxyn created a fabulous enchantment that allow the wizard to see the demons's names. This make the one who evoke them able to have complete power even on the strongest of the evil prince. The Daemon eyes make their user immune to the effects of every illusion spell launched by the demons.

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