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An Un-Attuned Orb

Orb of Course Correction: This round sphere appears a deep blue and is cold to the touch

An Orb of Course Correction has no effect unless the wielder has met the proper relic connection.


If an Orb of Course Correction has lost its previous owner (due to death or abondonment), it will choose to test for a new owner. The Orb, when within 1d10 feet of individual or upon first touch, will initate one of two tests. The orb requires that its wielder correct two bad things that have happened in time. This could be in the past, future, or even moments earlier. The thing that is being fixed can range from the death of a good person, or the deflowering of a sacred place. The item only allows evil to be corrected for the good (DM's Descretion). If the wielder properly passes its tests, the Orb will reveal its powers and allow the wielder to use it.


The Orb of Course Correction has three charges that are renewed on a weekly basis.

1 Charge: Wielder may reroll a saving throw. This can be called after the first roll has been made but not after the outcome of the roll is stated. The second roll must be kept, even if lower.

2 Charges: The Wielder may alter time to attempt another attack. The last turn of the wielder's combat is taken back and the wielder is able to play out same round as if the player had yet to take his/her turn, but may use the knowledge of what happened in the now-defunct round.

3 Charges: Wielder gains Hindsight. May use all charges at once to go back an entire round of combat (for the entire party, or, if not in combat, 10mins/character level back in time) and re-live out that time. Only the wielder remembers what happened in the alternate-timeline. Thus, any party members who also went back with him/her are unaware of the happenings. This reverses character death, but wielder must do something to prevent that death from happening again.

Strong Transmutation;CL 14th; ; Activation: Free Action; Weight: 5 lb.; Market Price: 84,000gp

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