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The world of Omen[edit]

The world of Omen is a world in the midst of a glorious heroic age: a world where myths and legends can live and die; a world where anyone - who has the talent for it, at least - can be a hero and have their dreams come true. It is a world tense with conflict between good and evil, with war and danger around every corner.

The Geography of the World of Omen[edit]


The kingdom of Ewen is the center of human civilization. It is a country of honorable, pious people with a deep-running admiration of martial glory. They are ruled by King Rhombard III, a wise, just king. The twelve largest cities of Ewen are known as the "Twelve Great Cities" and are home to over a million souls each.


Floyy is a sleepy, slightly backward farming country, with an economy sustained by the export of staples such as food, cloth, lumber, and what have you to its wealthy neighbors. Floyyish people tend to be good-natured and hard-working, although they are unfairly looked down upon by snootier/pretentious urbanites who believe them to be uneducated bumpkinish buffoons. The weather is temperate year-round, and on a sunny day the windy plains and the green, rolling hills are a beautiful sight. All in all it's a nice place to grow up in or visit for a while, but not much really happens there.





Skainia is a cold peninsula-ish region, starting off subarctic and turning full-on arctic the further you head North. Skainians are reputable traders who also run a mean fishing industry, although they aren't above taking up arms and turning to mercenary work or going pirate when teams are lean or even just because they're bored. The Skainian government is very dispersed, with each town more or less managing itself.

Swana Shue[edit]



The vast, unknowable realm of Zuin is a mystery of a land. It is a wet, gloomy, jungle where crowded canopies of ancient trees up to a thousand or more feet in height overlook treacherous fast-flowing rivers and impenetrable undergrowth containing secrets which no man has seen for millenia. The weather alone threatens to kill all but the most hardy or resourceful through exposure alone, as rainfall which can be measured in feet is not uncommon. All throughout the day and long into the night, the jungle is alive with the sounds of wildlife of a sort unknown to the rest of the world. The place has a unique smell to it as well - a damp smell of abundant life and death and decay in equal measure which constantly threatens to overwhelm the senses.

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