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Weapon (Greataxe), Very Rare (requires attunement)

Odins Greataxe is the Greataxe of Odin the Great, he used this to conquer many army’s and reign superior, the Greataxe does 1d12 damage plus and extra 1d12 lighting damage on every hit plus it gets a +2 to hit and +2 damage modifier.

Thrown. This magical weapon gains the thrown weapon ability of a range of 30-90 feet And always returns no matter what even on failed throws.

This weapon has 3 charges and at every dawn all 3 charges regenerate.

Lightning Pound.you can use a major action to expend 2 charges to strike the ground with a massive lightning strike and hit every opponent within a 15 feet radius of you and they must roll a DC 15 Strength saving roll, on a successful save the opponent takes half damage, on a failed save they take full damage of 4d6 and are prone for one turn.

Lighting strike.you can use a major action to expend 1 charge to strike an opponent from 10 to 25 feet with a lightning strike from above to deal 1d12 lighting damage, the opponent needs to roll a DC 15 dexterity saving roll, on a failed roll they are stunned for a turn, on a successful roll there is no effect.

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