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The world of Oathbreaker.




Desmos, Arach, Oryx, Deus, Asmodeus, Sol, Luna, Lolth, Kronos, Helm, Torm, Ilmater, Tyr, Mana, etc.


King Brynn Oathbreaker, Emperor Shamash Torrinvrek, Councilor Elodin Silverleaf, Councilor Sylvia Amberglass, Undersecretary to the State Joshua Belkin, Brad Peterbuilt, Lilli Scheppen, Madeleine Scheppen, Hobbes Scheppen, Brynn the Younger, [Anastasia's character], Sasha the Grey, etc.


Humans (Half Elves (High, Wood, Eladrin, Drow), Half Orcs, Tieflings (Abyssal, Infernal), Aasimar (Olympian, Asgardian, Celestial), Goliaths, Vashar, Genasi (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), Elves (High Elves, Wood Elves, Eladrin, Drow), Halflings (Stout, Lightfoot, Ghostwise), Warforged (Centurion, Standard, Magus), Dwarves (Mountain Dwarves, Hill Dwarves, Duergar), Aarakocra, Dragonborn (all the PHB colours), etc.


Whitehall, Mithril Sword, The Valley of Kings, Scheppen University, University of Shor, University of Mithril Crown, University of Redguard, University of Riverport, Dragonthrone College, The Elvenkind Council, The Everglade Rangers, The Peterbuilt Mercantile Corporation, The Chasm Protectorate,



The Mithril Throne, The Dragonthrone Empire, Eastwatch Sovereign, Kingdom of Flynnland, The Everglades, The Citadel, Nihaela, Durmst, Hollowhall, Redguard, Dawnguard, The Greattree Alliance


Golden Wastes, Mithril Bay, Iron Sea, Highlands, The Wall, The Greattree, The Chasms, etc.

Cities of The Mithril Throne

Mithril Crown, Shor, Trader's Bay, North Riverport, South Riverport, Norton, etc.


For DMs[edit]


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