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Deity Lore: In the great BeforeDark there was a man. Now this man was a fierce warrior but an even fiercer protector. The great sky god Auralis said to this man “Man, you are good. I will bless you because of the protection you provide those under your care. Ask for anything and it shall be yours.” Now this man was a good man it is true. But he was also a man in love and so he said to the great sky god Auralis. “Your daughters hand in marriage is what I wish.” Now the great Auralis had two daughters. The sun goddess Ryla and the moon goddess Aur. Now Aur was easily distracted turning her face this way and that and loving and hating with abandon. Ryla however was steady and kept to her job as any good woman does to care for those under herself. Auralis who loved Ryla much saw this as an opportunity to finally have her with a good husband and consented, but Aur loved the man for he was everything she was not and everything she didn’t deserve. While her sister was sleeping she stole into a woman's form and tempted the man to steal his heart but he laughed in her face. “My heart is not in my body. For it belongs to Ryla and she keeps it safe for me. Her face I will look upon every day for eternity. Why would I squander that chance.” At that Aur grew hot with jealousy and said with venom. “ You wish to be with your bride for eternity? I give you a Geas. You must scour the earth for your heart for it no longer belongs to you. Until you find this you will never marry.” The man shrieked with hatred and horror for he knew his heart was not on the earth and she had doomed him to wander. Auralis seeing this grew hot with anger at his least favorite daughter and cursed her never to love again nor feel hatred so that she may not cause trouble any more. From then on she was to be the Tranquility goddess. When day came Ryla woke with a brilliant fervor unaware of the happenings during the night. She eagerly looked forward to her wedding which was to take place in summer. Unable to tell her of the treachery of her sister fearing retribution between them Auralis turned the man into a raven, a creature under his domain and made him Roqlaire the Father of Birds Black the Ever Searching. He came to aid those in search of precious things and to protect those who travel far from home. He then told his daughter that her fiance had died in the night. Unwilling to believe this Ryla watched for him staying longer everyday until winter came into power. From then on she became Ryla The Grieving and Ever Watchful. She came to protect those who had lost beyond reach and to bring them vengeance and security.

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