Nordic Gauntlets (5e Equipment)

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Gauntlets/knuckle (the nordic warrior class and the monks furry of blows/unarmed strike damage), very rare

Light metal Gauntlets that are enchanted with a limited version of stealth(only lets you take another attack action)these gauntlets count as nordic weapons so they work with nordic bonuses. Due to their lightness, they work with the monk's fury of blows. The gauntlets do 2d8 bludgeoning dmg.

Haste The Haste factors work with each gauntlet. An example would be your first attack your second attack(if your above LVL 5)then your first haste attack then your second haste attack. Because of the distorted haste effect, your speed boosts by 50 ft. The Haste factor stacks with a ring(ONE RING ONLY)

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