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Northern Realms[edit]

Emperor Torvalden II[edit]

Queen Lisbet[edit]

Ranger Samoi Elenosha[edit]

Female Snow Elf

Divine Elven Hegemony[edit]

Zolares Augustine fon Bachinberg[edit]

Cleric Johannes Zekum[edit]

Hochpranz Philip fon Frankenborg[edit]


Wizard Petrov Yuchumka[edit]

King Sergoff of Belograd[edit]

Queen Katerine of Belograd[edit]

Southern Coastline[edit]

Sha Raza Ozerman[edit]

Paladin Sepour Kadafer[edit]

Shershan “The Assassin”[edit]

Western Kingdoms[edit]

Roy Voi IV[edit]

King of the Occitons, Duke of Versai, and Count of l'Basteill

Grand-Duchess Floundia of Blu[edit]

Ameliana the Lily Knight[edit]

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