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April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.
My Special Attack
Evocation (ritual) cantrip
Casting time: 1 hour to prepare, then one action
Range: X feet
Components: V, S, M (Any item worth more than 500 gold, plus a weapon, focus, or other tool)
Duration: Instantaneous

This spell is considered a cantrip only for casting purposes. The ritual part consumes spell slots equal to the cost level of your special attack. During the one hour ritual, you prepare a magic attack. Once completed, you can use your action to use your special attack. Afterwards, you must redo the ritual in order to use your special attack again.

Instructions for creating the special attack.

Step 1: Choose a damage type.

Step 2: Choose damage. The damage is in D8's, and costs 1 level per D8 used.

Step 3: Decide type. You can choose any type of saving throw to avoid it, you can choose to make it a attack, or cost 5: you can make it unavoidable.

Step 4: Choose range. Touch or up to 20 ft is free. Every 20 ft after costs 1.

Step 5: Personalize. Add other effects at a cost.

AOE Cost 3: Makes the attack in a shape like a cube or sphere.

Multihit Cost X: Increase amount of targets, 1 per target.

Multiattack Cost 5: Attack twice.

Diminution Cost X: Shrinks targets by X size levels on hit. Costs 3 per size level.

Constant damage Cost X: Deals damage again the next turn(s). X per turn. Costs 1 per D4, and cost 3 per turn the damage continues.

Reversal Cost 5: Pins the target to the ground, or on the ceiling. Also allows you to be pinned with them.

Summoning Cost X: Summons a creature that obeys you with CR X. The CR can be 1 for cost 3, 2 for cost 6, and so on.

Notes: I originally made this as a joke, but it got more serious. I don't think I should remove april fools yet. Also, make your own effects here, that would be appreciated.

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