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Primal Path Of The Monkey King[edit]

Barbarian Subclass

From the legends of Sun Wukong, of his legendary tales of conquering against gods and demons alike. He is the Monkey King, he who took the Ryuji Jingu Bangu and mastered all 72 Transformations, he who was born from the Stone of Destiny. You follow the path of this legendary warrior. This is your time to become a Monkey King.

Fury Of The Monkey King

Starting at Level 3 you can have a convert your "Rage Damage" into your Attack Roll (If you have +2 for Rage Damage, you can instead have +2 to hit)

Strength Of The Monkey King

When you choose this subclass at Level 3, Once per Long Rest while raging if you perform a Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution Check or Saving throw. You can reroll the saving throw or check.

Ryuji Jingu Bangu

Starting at Level 6, Melee Attacks made with a Polearm are treated as magical damage, for the purpose of overcoming immunities and resistances

The 72 Transformations

Starting at Level 10 You can choose an allied creature with a challenge rating of 3 or lower by spending 1 month, you can learn the secrets to their form and abilities. You can spend an action turning into that creature. If you find a creature 3 or higher, you must succeed a check in order to learn their "Transformation" so to speak. The DC is up to discretion from the DM.

Defy Heaven and Hell

Starting at Level 14 when you make an attack you do a 1d10 of damage if the enemy is a Celestial, or Infernal. Also, you gain advantage on saving throws that would make you frightened.

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