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In a world full of unsolved mysteries where children go missing without a trace, spirits haunt the Earth, and mysterious monsters are hiding in the woods, it's up to a few brave souls to investigate the truth behind these mysterious happenings. Will they get out alive? Or will they end up as another of it's victims?

Player's Guide[edit]

Creating Your Character[edit]


Many of the people who choose to investigate the fiends, devils, and monsters of the world have come from extraordinary places or circumstances. Here are just a few of the backgrounds that can be chosen to represent such a person. If you feel that your character cannot be fit into one of these backgrounds, please bring it up to your DM so you can create a custom background.

Afficted [1], Experiment [2], Hunter [3], Occult Investigator [4], Psychic [5], Psycho [6], Secret [7]


9 insert feats description here Anatomy Expert [8], Urban Scout [9]

DM's Guide[edit]

WARNING! If you are playing this game and not DMing it, you should NOT be in this section! It is full of forbidden knowledge that only those running the game may see, otherwise you could contract SPOILERS! To avoid this, you must turn back now... while you still can.

Random Items[edit]

Mundane Items[edit]

Magical Items[edit]


SCP = monstrosity




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