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Mirawyn is a homebrew setting created by me (Tom), where all of my campaigns and one-shots take place, it contains the shattered nation of Rimbar (Mirawyn Supplement), The Orc Sea (Mirawyn Supplement), the lands of the Rocky Shore (Mirawyn Supplement), the kingdom of Dominus (Mirawyn Supplement), and the city of Laarg (Mirawyn Supplement).

Groups who have journeyed in Mirawyn: The Legion of Lightning (Mirawyn Supplement), The Treasure Hunters (Mirawyn Supplement)

Religion The largest religions in Mirawyn are the worship of The Arcane Serpent (5e Deity), The Dragon of Light (5e Deity), and The Phoenix of Life (5e Diety).

Other Gods worshipped in Mirawyn include The Warrior of the Tides (Mirawyn Supplement), The Wind Rider (Mirawyn Supplement), The Mother of Storms (Mirawyn Supplement), The Ice Witch (Mirawyn Supplement), The Flame Stalker (Mirawyn Supplement), The Black Tree (Mirawyn Supplement), Father Titan (Mirawyn Supplement), Duchess Althea (Mirawyn Supplement), Agnes the Wild One (Mirawyn Supplement), Mirawyn's Earth God (5e Diety), along with a multitude of gods that are found in other settings

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