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Wondrous Item (clothing), rare (requires attunement by a creature with a Constitution score of at least 15)

The scarf of the legendary warlock Merlin has been passed through the ages, mistaken as a common neckerchief. While you wear this scarf, you have a +3 bonus to your AC.

Tight Thread Over time, the threads of the scarf have tightened, causing them to work off of each other for reinforcement. Because of this, the scarf grants the wearer some semblance of protection. While worn, the scarf grants its wearer resistance to piercing and slashing damage.

Seeping Magic With the original owner being a great wielder of magic and arcane artifacts, the scarf has taken some resistance to magic. After 5 consecutive long rests, the wearer gains a resistance to fire and cold damage while wearing the scarf.

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