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Mercenaries: Blood and Guts[edit]

Where nations clash, war, sometimes, had its fair price. That is why the mercenaries appeared...

This is a futuristic campaign setting with a focus on combat and military operations. The players are a team of mercenaries who take on bounties and jobs in hopes of making a few (dis)honest bucks and fulfilling their own personal goals in the process.

Stylistically, this setting is very different from the core assumptions of 5th Edition D&D. It can be considered a "total conversion" supplement inasmuch as the rules are used to represent a setting more or less completely divorced from the standard. You won't find any fighters, wizards, bards, and so on, but you may find their equivalents. Similarly, there are no dwarves, or elves, or any other standard races besides humanity.


The Mercenaries setting takes place in a fantastic galaxy distant from our own in space and time.


Player Options[edit]

The Mercenaries setting

Character Alignments[edit]

Each person has their own approach to doing things and living their lives, and mercenaries are no different.

Lawful Good

Lawful good mercenaries are typically believers in just war, who believe that their job allows them to do what is right. Lawful good mercenaries will not only refuse to perform tasks that violate their moral code, but have a moral obligation to prevent their own side from doing evil. They are good, loyal soldiers and staunch allies as long as the means and the cause is right.

Lawful Neutral

Mercenaries are disproportionately lawful neutral in comparison to the general population, as the lawful neutral outlook is both valued by employers and good for surviving in the business. Mercenaries of this alignment are loyal to a fault as long as their employer and their unit hold up their ends of the bargain, and maintain a strict sense of commitment and professional pride. Typically, LN mercenaries don't care about whether the cause is honorable or not, but they are firm believers in honorable methods.

Lawful Evil

Lawful evil mercenaries are as dedicated and reliable as other lawful mercenaries but are significantly more ruthless. They will resort to cruelty and underhanded methods to accomplish tasks as ordered with glee or cool detachment, rarely if ever caring about what the consequences are for opponents and bystanders. Lawful evil mercenaries tend to jump at whatever chances they have to exploit a contract while still following the letter of a contract, but on the other hand they despise individuals who outright break contracts for their unprofessionalism.

Neutral Good

Neutral good mercenaries accept that being a mercenary is just a job, but within the confines of their job still attempt to do the best they can to help the world. This type of character is a bit more flexible than lawful good types, accepting less than perfectly honorable means as a way of doing good.


Most mercenaries have a neutral outlook, looking at mercenary work as a job like any other and only caring about profit at the end of the day. Neutrality is the stance of neither being a callous murder nor an altruist who does the right thing beyond what is expected by common decency. Most neutral mercenaries simply put material concerns higher than the philosophical, either out of ignorance or indifference.

Neutral Evil

Neutral evil mercenaries only care about the bottom line. They'll happily betray their friends or screw over their employers if they see an opportunity, but not unless it's worth it. This type of character can easily be bought off, but whether or not they can be trusted to stay bought off is another matter entirely.

Chaotic Good

Chaotic good mercenaries put their own conscience ahead of their contract. They cannot be trusted to do anything but the right thing, which makes them good friends but poor soldiers.

Chaotic Neutral

Chaotic neutral mercenaries are unpredictable and notoriously unreliable wild cards, going along with their own personal whims regardless of what their employer or associates might say. They can suddenly abandon a job or refuse an order simply because it is no longer interesting. Chaotic mercenaries tend to quickly become known as liabilities and get into deep trouble.

Chaotic Evil

Chaotic evil mercenaries are the worst of the worst due to their outright hatred of things like subtlety, professionalism, discipline, and lives beside their own. They can be as dangerous towards their own allies as their opponents.

Military Occupational Specialties[edit]

  • Demolitionist: An explosives expert.
  • Engineer: A scientist, technician, and innovator who solves problems with technology.
  • Heavy: A massive, tanky shock trooper.
  • Medic: A healer, supporter, and savior of lives.
  • Officer: A charismatic leader of men.
  • Operative: A cunning covert operations specialist with an aptitude for stealth.
  • Psyker: A mysterious kind of warrior with otherworldly abilities.
  • Sniper: A precision-based long-distance eliminator.
  • Soldier: A combat specialist with expertise in weapons and tactics.


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