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Memory Make Mage[edit]

A young human boy sits in a library, reading tales of mighty dragons. Fascinated by the power of dragons, the boy remembers a picture in the book of an ice dragon's breath freezing attackers, stopping them in their tracks. When the boy grew older, he became a traveller who explored lands far and wide. On one such adventure, three orcs stopped in front of him on a bridge. The first orc stepped forward and reached out his hand, "Your gold, all of it, now!" He commanded as the other two pulled out clubs ready to bash the young mans head in. The young man smirked, put his fingers on the sides of his head and exclaimed "Memory Make: Arctic Finale!". The atmosphere grew cold, the bridge now made of icy rocks, even the water below became frozen over. Before the orcs could even fathom what was happening, the young man roared out a ray of frost and the orcs were frozen solid. The atmosphere, and everything around him returned to normal with the exception of the frozen orcs. He then put two fingers on his head, "Memory Make: Mace" he said and as he removed his hand from his head, a mace appeared in it. Later that day a half elven traveller showed up at the bridge, "My gods, what happened here?!" He said puzzled as he saw shattered chunks of ice with various orc body parts in each of them.


This is a class inspired by "Memory Make" magic used in the manga and anime Fairy Tail. This class is meant to test creativity for players by creating spells of their own as well as giving the player a sense of freedom with their fighting style. (This is also the first class i've created, so it needs to be play tested. Feedback would be much appreciated)

Creating a Memory Make Mage[edit]

Rufus Lore used "Memory Make: Night of falling stars, from fairy tail wikia,

When making a Memory Make mage, ask yourself: How did your character become able to create memories? What moments would be important or irrelevant to your character? Does your character see their power as a blessing or a curse?

Quick Build

You can make a Memory Make Mage quickly by following these suggestions. First, Intelligence should be your highest ability score, followed by Wisdom and/or Charisma. Second, choose the Guild Artisan background.

Class Features

As a you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per level after 1st


Armor: Light Armor and *Memory Made Armor
Weapons: Memory Made weapons, Simple and martial weapons
Tools: Herbalism and Disguise Kits
Saving Throws: Wisdom and choose between Intelligence or Charisma
Skills: Arcana, History, and Choose 2 from Deception, Insight, Investigation, Perception, and Persuasion


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Quarterstaff or (b) Longsword
  • (a) Light Crossbow or (b) Hand Crossbow
  • (a) Herbalism kit or (b) Disguise kit
  • An explorers pack

Table: The

Level Proficiency
Recall Points Spells Known Cantrips Features
1st +2 4 2 3 Memory Bank, Spellcasting, Always Mindful, Memory Armor, Recall Points
2nd +2 5 3 3 Mixed Memories
3rd +2 6 4 4 Hindsight
4th +2 8 5 4 Ability Score Improvement, Skilled Linguist
5th +3 9 6 4 After Thought
6th +3 12 7 4 Forget
7th +3 13 8 4
8th +3 17 9 5 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 18 10 5 Flashback
10th +4 19 11 5
11th +4 20 12 6 Nostalgia
12th +4 25 12 6 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 26 13 6 Flashback Improvement
14th +5 32 13 6
15th +5 33 14 7 Duplicate
16th +5 40 14 7 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 41 15 7
18th +6 42 15 8 Nostalgia Improvement
19th +6 50 16 8 Ability Score Improvement, Pain From the Past
20th +6 50 + Charisma modifier 17 9 Flashback Improvement, Duplicate, Improvement, Memory Master

Memory Bank[edit]

Starting at 1st level, you have a memory bank that can hold memories specifically for spell use. For instance, you can store a memory of someone being haggled and from this memory you can create a new spell. The spell's effect is up to you, be it "you gain advantage on your next charisma check" or if they were speaking in elvish, "comprehend elvish" or something like that. The amount of recall points it would take to use an original spell is determined by the dm. (So if its a spell equivalent to a 1st level spell, it would cost 1 or if its on par with a 5th level spell it would cost 5. Keep in mind, having 5 recall points does mean you can cast 5th level spell, however if you do while under the appropriate level, then the spell's effect would be scaled to your level by the DM. For instance, if you tried to memory make the spell wish at level 5, there would be restrictions to the spell......unless of course your DM doesn't care or determines that a certain spell doesn't have to be). You can even recreate objects such as weapons, armor, and potions by storing them in your memory bank (you cannot memory make other creatures, if you do it would be an illusion of the creature rather as a general illusion or even disguise). The effects of these items will be as potent as they were as you remembered them (unless you fuse it with another memory). However, keep in mind the number of recall points used to re-create items and spells will be up to the dm depending on what it is. (Note: it is possible to create spells from memories not stored in the memory bank, but they can only be spells that are already prepared from memories according to your backstory) In order to store something new, while having the max number of memory, you'll have to replace an existing memory in the memory bank with it. The capacity of your memory bank is equal to your Memory Make level+proficiency bonus+your wisdom modifier. Adding a spell to the memory bank takes a bonus action, and the amount of time you have to add a memory since it happened is 1d10 days. Memory made items last for days = 1d8 + your proficiency bonus unless the DM allows it to be permanent. You can dispell memory made items, weapons, and armors at any time.


Your abilities allow you to turn your memories into actual magic. You can either memorize spells themselves or create new spells depending on the memory. You can even combine memories in order to create new spells (when you gain the "Mixed Memories" feature). Your ability to cast certain spells depends on the number of Recall points you have (listed in class features).

Spell Save DC: 8 + proficiency bonus + Intelligence modifier

Spell attack modifier: proficiency bonus + Intelligence modifier

Spellcasting focus Your mind and heart are the sources of your magic, so the can use either or both as your spellcasting focus (or both)

Always Mindful[edit]

Starting at level 1, as a memory make mage, you have an incredible memory capacity and can remember just about anything you care to recall. You have advantage against spells that would make you forget anything, or tamper with your memory in anyway. Increase your Wisdom score by 2.

Memory Armor[edit]

Starting at level 1, when wearing memory made armor, your AC becomes 10 + your Dexterity mod + your Wisdom mod.

Recall Points[edit]

Starting at level 1, you have a number of recall points equal to the number of recall points based on your memory master level + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier.

Mixed Memories[edit]

At 2nd level you can fuse 2 different memories in order to create new spells. For instance, if you have acid splash and a lightning dragons breath in your memory bank, you can fuse them to make an acid lightning breath spell (the damage will be stacked as if both spells were cast at once if you decide to fuse it this way. As for additional effects, you can create one that makes sense like paralyzation and poison so long as your DM approves) The recall points it would take to do this would simply be the average of the 2 spell's recall points rounded up. At 10th level, you can fuse up to 3 different spells and the same rules apply.


At 3rd level, whenever you take a short rest you regain 1d4 recall points. At 12th level this increases to 1d6. At 11th level it increases to 1d8.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Skilled Linguist[edit]

Starting at level 4, you can learn a new language if you have read and/or heard it spoken clearly at least twice. You gain a new language this way every time you gain an ability score increase, and in addition your choice of Intelligence or Charisma score increases by 1 (neither stat can exceed 20 this way).

After Thought[edit]

At level 5 not only can you now attack twice but you can cast an extra spell as well when you take an action to cast a spell the first time. You can also use up the extra spell action to re-roll your initial action (be it a spell or a regular attack) if you roll a natural 1. If however, you roll a natural 1 during the extra action, thats too bad, im sorry, there is no hope, your soul is forfeit, bye. (No....seriously.....your DM may have you make a death saving throw right there and then if this happens, welcome to the real world.)


At 6th level, similarly to counterspell, if there is a spell or magic ability being used that is stored in your memory bank, you can counter it by "forgetting" it. The spell or ability will be countered without fail regardless of level, however you wont be able to use the spell again until you take a long rest. Example: if a powerful fire attack or ability is being used, and you know a fire spell, you can counter it. If however, your spell is more powerful than the one being countered (determined by its level), you would only have to take a short rest instead and would only take 1 recall point to do instead of 3. Additionally, you can only do this once per short rest. (Unless of course you just know counterspell). The number of recall points it takes to do this would be determined by your DM, and can't be below 3.


At level 9 you gain the ability to see the memory(ies) of creatures within 100ft of you for 10 recall points (This uses up a cantrip slot). If the creature is unwilling, it has to make an intelligence saving throw (vs your spell save dc) and if it succeeds it is immune to this effect unless you attempt to beat its roll at disadvantage. If it fails, you gain full access to the target's memories and can even erase and/or restore 1d4 memories of the target creature. If a creature doesn't know you are using this on them, make an intelligence check against the target (DM determines the number you have to beat). You can also make creatures relive certain memories for minutes equal to your charisma modifier (you can decide how much time has passed for the creature, for instance 1 minute in reality is actually 5 days for the creature. Think tsukiyomi logic).

At level 13, you can store other creatures memories into your memory bank, and you can now erase, restore, and/or alter up to 1d6 memories.

At level 20, you can wipe memories clean, unwilling creatures roll against this at disadvantage, and you can alter their memories however you like.


At level 11, you realize your memories are growing stronger by the minute. Once a day, you can cast a spell that was once in your memory bank but is no longer there. Additionally, your choice of Intelligence or Wisdom goes up by 2 (neither stat can exceed 20 this way).

At level 18, this goes up to twice a day, and you may once again raise either stat by 2.


At level 15 you can now memory make actual creatures and not just as illusions or afterimages for a number of recall points judged by your DM (so long as their challenge rating and/or level does not exceed your own). You can only make one creature at a time, and you cannot make creatures that have legendary actions. You can control the creature and have it do anything you wish, as well as communicate with it telepathically (and yes, memory fusion works with creatures).

At level 20, you can make any creature you remember for 15 recall points-half your Intelligence modifier rounded up, for creatures with legendary actions its 20 recall points + your Intelligence modifier.

Pain From the Past[edit]

At level 19, choose a number from 2-19 (or roll 1d20 until you get a number other than 1 or 20). Whenever you roll to attack with a memory made spell or weapon, if you roll your chosen number you may treat the chosen number as a natural 20. However, whenever you make any roll at disadvantage with a memory made spell or weapon, the chosen number is treated as a natural 1. (The chosen number cannot be changed once chosen).

Memory Master[edit]

At level 20, you are able to remember your past lives/selves from different planes (including your current one). You have access to the information of past actions you have taken and their outcomes. For half of your recall points, you can "remember" what can go wrong, right, and everything in between. Doing this takes a bonus action, and you gain advantage on all rolls and checks for 1d20 days and cannot fail Insight and History checks. Additionally, you may raise any stat by 2, or any two stats by 1.

Memory Make Mage Spell List[edit]

Since you make spells from your memories, you have to prepare each spell and its effects from each memory. When you add a memory to your memory bank, be sure to create at least (since you can make multiple different spells from one memory) one spell from that memory and discuss it with your dm so it can be approved and/or tweeked. Any spells or effects that aren't prepared can't be used unless your dm allows you to make up spells as you go.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Memory Make Mage class, you must meet these prerequisites: Must have an Intelligence of 13 or higher, cannot have a negative modifier for wisdom, and must have a character backstory (unless your DM says otherwise).

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Memory Make Mage class, you gain the following proficiencies: you gain proficiency in arcana and history, proficiency for wisdom saving throws, and all the other benefits of the class.

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