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Justice will be done for the man that has done this to our race.
—Argry Forlyad in Zelekad

Physical Description[edit]


Meltskin resemble humans, but their skin sloughs and droops like rotten flesh, hanging off their bones and clinging to the intact parts. Some meltskin are still better put together than others, and many retain their musculature. As one may guess, it is a grotesque sight to see flesh peeling from sinew. Especially since the skin is usually discolored on a meltskin, sometimes a gray teal or even flesh colored. They have glowing eyes that usually are yellow, allowing them to see in the dark.


Tales tell of the valiant warriors who descended into the Underdark to quell evil. Many never returned. Of those who did, many lost their minds, helplessly clutching the broken bodies of their comrades. The fallen were duly buried and the insane were institutionalized. Even they eventually resorted to suicide, blubbering only nonsense until the end. They were buried alongside the other casualties.
Hidden from public eye, these bodies rotted, but not through death. These bodies were still alive, and their souls remained inside. They clawed their way out of their funery caskets and back out to the world of the living. As one can guess, people took them for zombies and ran, alerting the authorities. The newly risen meltskins had to run from the angry mob and guards, taking shelter in the nearby forests and reserves in nature. There, they pondered what had come upon them.
Upon descending to the Underdark, many adventurers were unlucky enough to encounter Nerull, a god of death. Those not killed by his scythe were either knocked into a state of undeath or turned insane. This curse would make the meltskin. Their flesh would rot and they would be alive to feel and endure it. Death would cackle and ride away from them as they sought alleviation for their pain.
Many meltskin were courageous people in life. This spirit did not leave them. They vowed to combat and remove this god's curse on them. Until then, many kept on doing what they did whilst alive: beating back the dark forces of the world. They raided many a drow cult and fought vigorously to take down monsters like beholders and goblins. They kept towns safe; towns which would never know their saviors. If thy knew them, the mere sight would probably prevent them from thanking them.


Meltskin often take refuge within the upper caverns of the Underdark. There, they could effectively keep up vigilance of whatever may exit from below, as well as patrol the world above. Their small camps which dot the cave systems are considered safe havens for new adventurers looking to venture into the dark bowels of the place. People are reluctant to trust meltskin despite tales of their deeds and their common hospitality and openness. Meltskin often retain a demeanor from when they were alive. Death and social ostracization may have turned some for the worst, or polished off the souls of heros. They still seek removal of their curse. Some see it as a mission to remove dark influences. Others actively seek a rematch with the god. Sadly, there are also those who give up and embrace a feral madness. These are the most dangerous meltskin, as they are similar to the common feral undead than saviors from the dead.

Culture & Personality[edit]

Meltskins vary in temperament, but death has pushed them more so towards the timid side. Some have speech impairments or are completely reserved due to fear or mistrust. Meltskins are more likely to confide in one another, as they recognize each other's pain as an experience cursed onto them by their common enemy. There are some meltskins that have charismatic leader vibes, and lead many others into battle against the forces of evil. There are meltskin who have withdrawn in contact from outsiders, feeling despair from their curse. These will likely go feral, which entails a horrid rapid change in their rot and makes them look more monstrous.

Feral or not, however, meltskins require much more nourishment and eat more than an average human. It is believed food helps them keep their bodies together. However, it has also been observed the meltskins live in the Underdark for another reason. Their bodies are nourished by necrotic energies, a quality they claim Nerull cursed them with. They often take collective baths in pools where necrotic energy accumulates in pools along caverns in the Underdark.

Interaction with other races[edit]

Meltskin get along with the undead, particularly those still capable of reason. They despise those prone only to destruction like the brainless masses summoned by necromancers. In a similar vein, they also hate necromancers. They appear to be like Nerull to meltskins, disrupting one's eternal rest for selfish desire. Creatures with simple desires and lives like slimes are a meltskins best friend, since they don't judge. Beasts are wary of the meltskins but sometimes sympathetic to their cause. Halflings and gnomes steer clear of meltskin, seeing them as unlucky. Tieflings are indifferent but they both identify as outcasts of society. Humans, due to many religious views, despise them solely for their undead nature. Meltskins risk a witch hunt if they are revealed to humans.

Meltskin Names[edit]

Meltskin names usually follow human names but also use elven and even angry grunts as names. They have a slight growl when they talk.

Male: Aazabath, Argyl, Ardew, Barys, Breud, Coraf, Criff, Cryandor (Grumbles and human names were also commonly used with this race)

Female: Aedara, Aprodi, Ateva, Balysa, Banary, Calyra, Coyanta, Cyrada (Grumbles and human names were also commonly used with this race)

Meltskin Traits[edit]

Corpses that were cursed to live again by a god named Nerull.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2.
Age. Meltskin don't age, but instead rot. They can live up to 550 years usually before their bodies break.
Alignment. Meltskin tend to go towards good alignments, as most want to stop others from their fate and protect quite a lot of other things. But evil meltskins are hardly super rare.
Size. Meltskin are often hunched over but they can stand as tall as humans. Your size is Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Undead. You are undead! Whether you like this or not is too bad, since it doesn't change the fact that you are now a being in the subliminal area betwixt true life and true death. You do not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. You are vulnerable to radiant damage, but resistant to necrotic damage. When you drink a potion or is subjected to a spell or class feature that would normally restore your hit points, you instead take radiant damage equal to that amount.
Rot. Nerull's curse on the meltskin was their need of necrotic energies. It would stop the physical rot of their bodies temporarily, but rot their souls in turn. If you take damage from a spell dealing necrotic damage, you may expend your reaction to nullify the damage and instead gain temporary hit points equal to the amount of damage taken, after calculating resistance. These temporary hit points disappear after you finish a long rest.
Thermal Vision. You can sense the heat of creatures except undead and constructs from 20ft if there is nothing blocking your sight this way, When using thermal vision, you cannot see your surroundings and can only see those creatures, You are inflicted with blindness when using Thermal vision until you stop using it.
Fast Metabolism. You require 1/4 of more food then other races, But you gain 1d4 of temporary healing that lasts for 2 hours per meal (At the max of 4 meals per day)
Disease Resilient. You gain advantages in Constitution saving throws.
Corpse. When laying down, You look dead. You can roll a performance check to contest another's perception or investigation check to see if you are dead, If you roll below 15, The roll total instead becomes 15.
Languages. Common, Undercommon
Subrace. Feral, Smart (These subraces are purely optional, choose at own risk)

Feral Meltskin[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1, but your Wisdom score decreases by 1.
Uncivilized. You gain a +1 bonus to grapple checks in places where civilization isn't around.
Bloodlust. When you kill an enemy, You gain 1d4 of temporary hit points which last until your next 2 turns.
Illiterate. You lose the ability to read and cannot regain it by any means except magic.

Smart Meltskin[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 1, but your Strength score decreases by 1.
Smart "Brain". Pick one bonus language: Draconic, Fey or Goblin
Undead Diplomat. You gain advantages to charisma checks that involve conversing with the undead
Bookworm. When reading a book, Half the time it takes to read it.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
5′ 11″ 1d4+2 110lb. 2d4 × 10 lb.

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