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Mechlandia is a steampunk/low fantasy setting existing outside the normal d&d planes.


Mechlandia is the only “civilized” continent on the planet Ter. It is led by a high Magistrate who rules over governors who each rule over local regents. Mechlandia is broken into five provinces each broken into five districts. The uncivilized lands are anywhere Mechlandia isn’t which include a forest continent adjacent on the west and a desert to the south.


In a place far outside of contact with other planes and diemensions there was a realm called Ter. This land progressed in normal human advancement until it reached its dark ages. In this place ther were dragons, griffons and many other mythical (low fantasy) beasts. Because they could not fight against these threats academicians were looked down on unless they had magic. This caused wizards to become highly influential for many centuries. The wizards promoted anti intellectualism outside their own ranks because they feared technology would make them obsolete. Eventually after three thousand years in a dark age king Utter Pendragon declared a war on magic after queen Ygrain was slain by a warlock. The mortals waged this war on magicians for two centuries before an order of engineers developed mechanical weaponry including simple firearms to turn the tide of battle. It has been a millennium since the war ended and magic now resides almost completely in the untamed forest and caves anywhere civilization has not touched really. Eventually in peace time engineers stopped making only weapons and began to build what they call Automatons which are humanoid constructs built of clockwork machinery that has been enlayed with an alchemical compound called Dehvita this element gives sentience to the machines. This nation of humans and automatons was called Mechlandia.

For DMs[edit]

Sentient species in Mechlandia include: humans, dwarves “known as the short ones”, and any elaborate machine enlayed with Dehvita which is almost exclusively automatons. Dehvita is priceless and is mined only by order of the magistrate which is equivalent to a king in Mechlandia (after the war Mechlandia switched from monarchy to an elected magistrate with a life term.) sale of Dehvita is forbidden on pain of death. Some fey creatures live in the uncivilized forests and aberrations live in the uncivilized deserts.

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