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Wondrous Item, rare (Until the Wearer Show Kindness to someone)


Steampunk Bracelet that when wearer shows kindness shows true self , (DM Rolls D4 once for animal Shape : Spider, Hummingbird, Frog, medium Size Bee) has the same abilities as the animal it looks like but is made from Gears, Cogs, and Steampunk mechanics.


Spider - Can climb vertical, diagonal or on cielings as if walking normally. Takes no fall damage when falling from climbing.

Hummingbird - Can fly at 40 feet speed. Can take 1 minute to create a small hole, large enough to see through, in any substance that is softer than marble (up to GM's discretion).

Frog - Gives you +2 to Nature and Arcana checks.

Bee - Can tame a Swarm, causing it to not attack you (1/Week). You can command it to attack as your bonus action (+ 5 to hit, 2 damage).


- Can go into 1/6 foot size or larger spaces

- +10 stealth when hiding behind small or larger creatures

- Change Form: Can change from the animal state back to the Bracelet Form And back at owners command.

- Immune to Mind Altering effects, Poison, Psychic Damage and Electricity.

- Resistant to Water +10 And Fire +10

<Steampunk Bracelet that is Hidding something>

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