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Master of War Variant[edit]

Prestige Class: Master of War[edit]

If the fighter is the common warrior taken to a heroic level who distinguishes himself from his peers by exceptional skill and talent, the master of war is the fighter taken to a superheoic, or even mythical level. Masters of war are living legends, and they are the unconquerable sun when battle is at hand.


In order to advance as a master of war, you must meet the following prerequisites (in addition to the multiclassing prerequisites for your existing class):

  • Strength 20 or higher or Dexterity 20 or Higher and Constitution 20 or higher. Whichever of the first two you chose the corresponding stat must be at least an 18.

To be a master of war you must have the talent to be exceptional at all forms of combat. Some weapons require a strong arm; others require grace and coordination. You must be peerless with both and able to withstand the blows to come

Masters of war must have a deep understanding of the theory and means of waging war on a personal, intellectual, and spiritual level.

  • 20th Level Fighter.

To call yourself a master of war you must have the experience to deserve the title. You must have seen and fought in enough armed conflicts to make a warrior a seasoned veteran a hundred times over, and as such you must possess at least 20 levels in fighter.

  • Defining Moment.

You must have defeated an irrationally unbeatable opponent through sheer skill at arms.

Class Features[edit]

Class Features

As a Master of War you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Master of War level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Master of War level after 1st


Armor: All armor, shields
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Dexterity
Skills: None

Table: The Master of War

Level Proficiency
21st +7 Indomitable (four uses), Martial Prowess (1), Turn the Blade
22nd +7 Second Wind Improvement
23rd +7 Multiattack
24th +7 Greater Ability Score Improvement, First Strike
25th +8 Extra Attack (4)
26th +8 Fast Movement
27th +8 Martial Prowess (2), Martial Archetype Ability
28th +8 Greater Ability Score Improvement, Uncanny Arms Mastery
29th +9 Indomitable (5 uses)
30th +9 Greater Ability Score Improvement

Turn the Blows[edit]

Beginning at 21st level you’ve learned to turn the blows of your opponents, you gain a Damage resistance equal to your proficiency bonus.

For the Battlemaster their techniques allows them to turn asides blows and spells reducing their incoming damage

The champion has become naturally tougher, simply shrugging off blows that other fighters would fall from

The Eldritch Knight has an aura of magical energy that glows around them granting protection!


Beginning at 21st level, you can use your indomitable feature four times between long rests. The number of times you can use the indomitable feature before taking a long rest increases by 1 at 29th level (five times), and 37th level (six times).

Martial Prowess[edit]

Beginning at 21st level you get to choose one of the options below to further your style in a specific technique, you may choose again at the 27th, and 38th levels; Alternatively you may take a fighting style from Vanilla Fighter

Master Duelist (requires dueling)

You may now add your weapons rarity/2 (+1, +2, +3, etc) to your AC as long as you have no other weapons or shields wielded. The minimum bonus is 1

Master Defense (requires defense)

You may gain DR equal to your Armors rarity/2 (+1, +2, +3, etc); the minimum bonus for this is 1

Master of Distance (requires Archery)

You gain an extra +2 to hit (cumulative to Archery) this Bonus does not apply to disarm checks however.

Master of Defense (Requires protection)

When you use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll of an ally they may then make a free attack against that enemy

Master of Great Weapons (Requires Great Weapon Fighter)

You may now reroll on a 3 or lower and take the higher of either roll.

Two Weapon Master (Requires Two Weapon Fighting)

While duel wielding you now have AC equal to the total Rarity of weapons/2

ie if wielding a +4 sword in main hand and a +2 in the off hand, the total is +6 divide this number by 2 and you have your AC boost

Scars Tell a Story

You gain expertise in intimidation (or proficiency if you do not have it) and your STR can be used instead of CHA

Hearty Constitution (Requires 24 Con)

You become immune to disease and poison


You become immune to fear effects


You may now take a dash action as a bonus action

Greater Ability Score Improvement[edit]

When you reach 24 level, and again at 28th, 30th, 32th, 36th, and 40th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. Unlike normal, you can increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Second Wind Improvement[edit]

Beginning at 22nd level, you have a much deeper well of stamina to draw upon when you use your second wind feature. The number of hit points you regain increases to 1d50 + your fighter level, including your levels in Master of War. Furthermore your wells of Stamina are so great that at the 34th level you can use this ability twice between Short or Long Rests


Starting at 23rd level, you can use your action on your turn to make one of the following special attack actions at the 40th level you may do this twice per turn:

Sweeping Attack

You may make a melee attack and apply the results to all creatures you choose within your reach. If one of those attacks is a critical hit; choose one creature you hit. Your attack against that creature is a critical hit. For all other creatures you hit, your attack is only a normal hit.


You can make up a ranged attack and apply the results to all creatures you choose within 10 feet of a point you choose within your weapons range. You must expend a piece of ammunition for each creature you choose to attack. If one of those attacks is a critical hit; choose one creature you hit. Your attack against that creature is a critical hit. For all other creatures you hit, your attack is only a normal hit.

Strike First[edit]

Strike First, Strike Hard. You’ve learned that in battle he who strikes first wins. At the 24 level Gain a bonus to your initiative roll equal to your Proficiency Bonus. This DOES NOT Stack with Champions remarkable athlete

Extra Attack[edit]

Beginning at 25th level, you can attack five times, instead of four times, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

The number of attacks increases again when you reach 31st, 35th, and 40th levels

Fast Movement[edit]

At 26th level, your speed increases by 30 feet.

Martial Archetype Ability (Level 27)[edit]


You have learned to sacrifice personal protection to fuel yourself (or others) in battle! If you run out of superiority die, you may trade your damage reduction for them! You can trade 1 DR for 2 Superiority Die, you do not get the DR back until a Long Rest. This is done as a free action at any point during your turn


You are an unstoppable force, unable to be felled in combat! You can now add either, your Dexterity, or Constitution to your Damage Reduction!

Eldritch Knight

You can sacrifice the Magical protections surrounding you to fuel your spells! You may sacrifice either your Damage Reduction to either restore a spell slot or increase your spells power! For each level of DR you remove you can restore either your lowest level Spell Slot, alternatively if you decide to remove 5 DR you can restore a fifth level slot (or 5 level ones, 1 level 2 and 1 level 3, etc). You do not get the DR back until a long rest. This is done as a free action and can be done at any point during your turn.

Uncanny Arms Mastery[edit]

Beginning at 28rd level, your weapon attacks deal one die size larger in damage and one extra die of damage. For example, a greatsword deals 3d8 slashing damage when you hit with it. This only applies to the weapons base, bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage. No extra or elemental damage applies.

Martial Archetype Ability (Level 34)[edit]

Turn the Tide

A commander surveys the field of battle. He notices the approaching army and issued orders to his men around him. Many would expect him to stay in the back. Instead he rushes to the front. Unlike other commanders, this one fights with his men. Leads them from the thick of the battle. The enemy officers bark orders to bring him down but they cannot. He seems bolstered by his allies around him. Draws strength from them and in return grants them strength.

On your turn you may enter a heightened state. You may forgo extra attacks and grant your allies a bonus to their own attacks. For each extra attack you forgo you and your allies receive that much a bonus to hit. Furthermore for each 2 attacks you forgo you and your allies receive +1 to your AC; Furthermore you grant a base of +2 hit and +1 AC to yourself and Allies. This is in a 30ft Radius centered on you.


A single Fighter stands before a small army. He looks out at them and grips his sword tight. Sweat drips from his brow and he casts a glance at the bodies around him. He laughed madly lost in the thrill of battle and would then point his blade at his foes ahead. “Come.” Was the only word he said. The army roared as it charged. The lone warrior met them head on and began to fight, his blade would come down and end the first... Then the second... and it continued to fell foes until none stood standing. He looked around him again. And then at the arrows raining down from the sky. ‘It would appear that they finally got smart.’ He thinks having slaughtered their armies.

For each enemy you kill you can continue to attack. As long as you keep killing you keep attacking, if you miss and attack or do not kill an enemy the bloodlust ends.

Note. This does NOT WORK with ANY AOE; Further more if you continue to attack enemies after your normal number of attacks, you lose your Legendary form (see the Level 39 ability), from tiring out; for example, I, a level 40 fighter, kill 8 enemies with my first 8 strikes, then I kill an additional 4 enemies with Bloodlust, I then no longer have legendary form striking against those additional four enemies.

Eldritch Knight
Arcane Adept

A Spellsword stands in mediation and has an epiphany. ‘What is it I lack?’ He had thought to himself. And it was on that he sat in mediation for a great deal of time. Until he came to the realization. Diversity. And so he trained to attain it. He branched our and learned. Studying under the tutelage of wizards much more advanced in the arcane arts than he. But it didn’t stop there. He studied under clerics, and even warlocks, under all. Until he was able to attain that which he lacked

You may learn 2 cantrips from any class. Additionally you may learn any 2 spells for each spell slot from any other class. This does apply to any future spell slots you manage to pick up, it should be noted that after the fifth level spell slots you may only learn 1 spell from any other class

Capstone Improvement[edit]

As a Fighter it is important to know thyself. If you have made it this far in the martial ways you are certainly superhuman, but more than that you have honed your ability to fight to the extreme. Beginning at the 38th level you receive a bonus based on the Fighter Subclass you chose


You now have an additional 4 superiority die, and if you start initiative with none you gain an additional 2 die on top of the one you already receive. And one anyways if you have 1 or more


You now gain hp equal to your con mod*2+10 per round as long as you have a single hp left

Eldritch Knight

Now instead of a single bonus attack you may make three attacks upon up to as many enemies in Melee range (ie two targets receive two attacks), or you may make three ranged attacks. Alternatively you may use, 1 Volley or 1 sweeping attack

Legendary Form[edit]

Sometimes even the best fighters have "bad days" where an unpredictable opponent or the whims of fate cause their best-delivered attacks to miss. Starting at 39th level, that is no longer true for you. Whenever you make an attack roll, you may automatically roll with advantage, except in cases where you would have disadvantage. In which case it is simply rolled normally.

This can occur by using your bonus action to enter a heightened state of prowess for 2 minutes you can use this ability once per LR

This ability does not work for AoEs

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