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Isl Cana has many areas on it that cause magic to go awry, become more or less powerful, or flat out useless. These areas appear and disappear randomly, and are entirely unpredictable, even so, people are very much aware of this magical phenomena.

You can place these areas randomly on Isl Cana. It's best that you choose or roll when the players arrive to their destination, but to truly immerse them in the randomness of the event, you can change it mid-session. You can choose which phenomena happens or you can roll on the Magical Phenomena table if you want the dice to decide.

1d8 Magical Phenomena
1-2 Wild Magic Area (Surging Field)
3-4 Low-Magic Area (Weakened Field)
5-6 High-Magic Area (Strengthened Field)
7-8 Antimagic Area (Void)

<bigIsl Cana With One Or Less Phenomena If you want, you can play this setting without any of these phenomena. Your game will play the same as any other campaign setting that doesn't rely of the randomness of the island. Alternatively, you can choose to play with only one of these phenomena, Isl Cana without magic will be very hard to play, and you're restricting most of the player's choices when it comes to their class. Isl Cana with only Wild Magic Fields can be insane, every caster needs to be wary, and Wild Magic sorcerers will have so much more oomph to their randomness.

Wild Magic Areas[edit]

Also called Surging Fields, Wild Magic Areas cause magic to become uncontrollable, even for the most powerful or mages. If your players that can cast spells enter a Wild Magic Area, they will instantly feel their magic, divine or arcane, become so powerful that it can't be controlled. If a creature casts a spell, either from a class feature or a racial trait, roll on the Wild Magic Surge table based on the spell slot level they used.

For abilities and other features that aren't specifically stated as magical, but you think they should be, then roll on the table, nothing is stopping you from doing so.

Cantrips/1st Level

1d20 Effect 1d20 Effect
1 Example 11 Example
2 Example 12 Example
3 Example 13 Example
4 Example 14 Example
5 Example 15 Example
6 Example 16 Example
7 Example 17 Example
8 Example 18 Example
9 Example 19 Example
10 Example 20 Example
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