Magic (The Holy War)

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When the ancient gods worked there miracles the mortals below were in awe and called it magic, over time the gods taught magic to a select few and over time more and more knew about magic and the weave that the gods have created. Keeping much higher level of magic a secret in fear that the mortals would do more harm to the world than good, but if a mortal did posses such endurance and force of will he could summon forth the Archeon Of Magic an living artifact knowing no good nor evil only purpose to focus the magical prowess and life force of the caster so they can cast any level of spell wether it be 12th level or even a mere Cantrip. The Gods made three artifacts called Archeon but they are buried deep deep in the earth miles down and if the gods were to ever be destroyed the magic in the world would become in easy the continents they are buried under a magical tempest.

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