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Dark is the coalescence of all the energies of chaos and and darkness in the multiverse and is the source of magical types such as necrotic, profane, and negative energy. Dark is heavily tied to the Netherweave and Netherworld, stemming from the Dark Realm of Urei. Dark, as a primordial source of magic, can be easily manipulated and molded into different forms. However, despite the form given to the dark magic, the vast majority of dark magic spells deal dark damage, which causes heavy impacts and crippling weakness. When concentrated, dark magic is much more potent and dangerous, allowing for the casting of a deadly curse that slowly eats away at the victim. However, using such powerful dark magic can potentially corrupt its wielder in the process, drawing them towards chaos, and eventually evil.

Dark magic often draws those of an evil persuasion due to its limitless potential and natural chaotic & negative nature, even though dark magic itself is not innately evil in any way and the vast majority of the denizens of Urei are only chaotic in nature. It is because of its appeal to evil practitioners, that in many of the lands of Elinai, dark magic is heretical and disdained, even hated to an extent. It is dangerous for sure, and only the bravest and most skilled practitioners can control it without losing themselves to the darkness.


Hellfire is an infernal magical substance that burns hotter than any other flame. So hot in fact, that not even fire resistance or immunity can stop it from causing damage. Created by the Archdevil Mephistopheles in an effort to steal worshipers from Asmodeus, hellfire is considered by many in Elinai to be innately evil and corrupting. Indeed, those that attempt to wield hellfire without proper blessings or training find that it consumes part of their essence as a result. But, those that can withstand its dark influence can wield it freely and without worry of corruption or consumption.

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