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Lizardfolk Variant[edit]

This variant of lizardfolk emphasizes them as tall, strong, and emotionless lizard people who spot the land and evolved for all kinds of environments. The Dungeon Master may permit the following variants for your lizardfolk character.

Each race variant replaces the hold breath, natural armor, and hungry jaws traits.


Rainforest lizardfolk are highly specialized stealth hunters. They have a tongue like a frog, allowing them to grab smaller creatures. Their skin, while not with tough scales, allows them to blend in to a degree with rapid pigment changes.

Tongue Grab. You can use your tongue to grapple targets up to 10 feet away. You do not provoke an attack of opportunity or incur penalties for not having both hands free when starting a grapple in this manner. Normal rules for grappling apply afterwards.
Camouflage. You can attempt to Hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist, and other natural phenomena.


Desert lizardfolk have sturdy, spiky scales that give them great protection from the elements as well as predators.

Natural Armor. While unarmored, your armor class is equal to 12 + your Dexterity modifier. You may use a shield and still gain this benefit.
Spikes. If a creature hits you with a natural weapon or unarmed attack (i.e. bites, claws, kicks, etc), they take 1 piercing damage. If a creature successfully grapples you, they take 1d4 piercing damage, and do so again at the start of their next turn while they're still grappling you. Additionally, since your body is covered in spines, armor must be made to fit you, or else you cannot benefit from this feature. Armor made to do so costs twice as much, as it must have several dozens of extra holes in the armor while still maintaining armor quality.

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