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The World of Akahal is a high fantasy campaign set on three continents Ashvalen, Valanjar and Qillia each human race have polytheistic religions. The main goal of the campaign is to defeat the dark dragon god named Morhaul who is plotting to conquer the world to get revenge on the non-human gods known as the Arch-dragons it is recommended to play as a fighter, rogue, mage and cleric. Some factions have special classes. You can play as a human or non-human.


The Watchers

(The guardians of Akahal the Watchers are skilled in Might, finesse and magic they are located in the middle of Akahal a isle with a monastery in the middle they wear brown robes with a grey trim and wear silver plate armor pieces they serve the Arch-dragons and the Watchers are consisting of Akahans the first species of Akahal who are humanoid with orange eyes, normal ears, pale skin and Silver hair but others such as Elves, dwarfs, halflings, etc.)

The Knights

(The stalwart defenders and honest protectors of the lands of Ashvalen divided into Orders. Order and ancestral roots is their creed. These warriors have a polytheistic religion known as the 5 Archons who are (Aegeos the god of order), (Isaeos the god of Harvest, blacksmithing and labor), (Xenia the goddess of light, kindness, charity, compassion and hope), (Pentheos the god of Valor, courage and justice) and (Doron The god of wisdom and honor). The have classes like the Warden the vanguard class, the Conquer the heavy class, the peacekeeper the assassin class and the lawbringer the Vanguard/heavy class. The well known Orders of knights are the Silverhand order, the IronShield order and the StarSeeker Order.

The Vikings

The mighty warriors who seek battles and plunders they and feared and respected pillagers of Valanjar. freedom and raiders is their meaning. They worship the 3 Gods of Valken Known as (Thorhaul god of thunder), (Odyn god of magic) and (Tyr the god of freedom). The Vikings are divided into clans and their classes are The Raider the vanguard class, the Warlord the heavy class, the berserker the Assassin class and the Valkyries the Assassin/heavy class. the well known clans are The blood raven clan, the Warborn clan and the snow bear clan.

The Samurais

Masters of swords and skilled survivors the Samurai have been protecting their homeland Qillia from invaders. Mastery and survival is their values. Their religion is Shinto the belief of the two sides of conflicts light and shadow. The samurai are divided into houses. Their classes are The Kensei the vanguard class, The Orochi the assassin class, the shugoki the heavy class and the nobushi vanguard/assassin hybrid class. The notable houses are The chosen house, the imperial house and Naga house.

The Wu Lin

From the mysterious and illusive continent Sha'mar and based on Chinese warriors they seek to protect their land from barbarians and invaders and does so with prowess thanks to their agility, strength and finesse. Their classes are Tiandi the vanguard class, The Jiang Jun the heavy class, the Nuxia the assassin class and Shaolin the hybrid class.

The Vanguard

The Non-human faction consisting of elves, dwarfs, halflings, gnomes, Dragonborns, lizard-folk, lion-folk, Cat-folk and kitsunes. They are created by the Arch-dragons and seek to defeat Morhaul to protect the realms from destruction.

The Darkwoken

The minions of Morhaul consisting of orcs, goblins, trolls, dark elves and humans that seeks to conquer the world. They are known to be brutal, cruel and will stop at nothing for world domination.


The continents Ashvalen, Valanjar and Qillia are sperate from each other Ashvalen is to the west, Valanjar is to the north and Qillia is to the east.


In the beginning the 4 Arch-dragons founded Akahal and created life such as the Akahans, elves, dwarfs, halflings and many others and gave them magic. However One Arch-dragon Morhaul wanted to create chaos and created the orcs, goblins and trolls to conquer the world but the Akahans defeated Morhaul. The age of man came into life with the evolution of man. Many humans empire were founded however these kingdoms turn on each other for ideologies with factions such as the Knights, Vikings and Samurais with the Non-humans being ignored from the conflict since fighting a mage would result in a brutal death. Now came the age of Blood Morhaul has return and will stop at nothing to conquer the realm and a group of heroes will be the last stand against the darkness.

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