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Lanterns Silk: Lanterns Silk is a beautiful calendered fabric made from the silk of a species of glow worm now believed to be extinct. The only remaining examples of the fabric are ancient black, gold and white outfits in a style now associated with monk orders. While very simplistic, the traditional look is at home among noble gatherings: those wearing this outfit do not suffer the penalties for not wearing a nobles outfit and appropriate amounts of jewelry among the nobles.

In direct sunlight, a Lanterns Silk outfit worn as the out-most layer will shimmer and glow, granting concealment identical to Blur (20% miss chance). If worn beneath armor granting at least 2AC, the outfit grants DR5/bludgeoning. Both effects can not be simultaneously active. If one can see the glowing fabric, the fabric will simply cut.

Lanterns silk, despite it's incredible properties, is non-magical.

None NA;CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Weight: 2 lb.; Market Price: 2,500 gp

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