Kevin the Redundant Werewolf (3.5e NPC)

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CR 5

male Gnoll Barbarian 1
CE Medium Humanoid (Gnoll)
Init/Senses /60ft darkvision and lowlight vision; Listen +11, Spot +10
AC 15 (17 in wolf and hybrid form), touch 12 (14 in wolf and hybrid form), flat-footed 13
hp 57 (4d8+1d12+20 HD)
Resist DR 10/silver (wolf and hybrid form only)
Fort/Ref/Will +6 (+8 in wolf and hybrid forms)/+2 (+4 in wolf and hybrid forms)/+6
Speed 40ft (60ft in wolf form)
Melee Greataxe +7 [(1d12+9/X3) useable only in humanoid form] or
Melee Bite +7 [(1d6+6/X2) useable only in wolf form] or
Melee Claws +7 [(1d4+6/X2, 30ft range) useable only in hybrid form]
Ranged Javelins +3 [(1d6+6/X2) useable only in humanoid form]
Base Atk/Grp +1/+6 (+7 in hybrid and wolf form)
Special Actions rage 1/day, curse of lycanthropy (wolf and hybrid forms only)
Abilities Str 22 (24 in wolf and hybrid), Dex 15 (19 in wolf and hybrid), Con 18 (22 in wolf and hybrid), Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 8
SQ illiterate, fast movement, alternate form, scent, wolf empathy, favored class: ranger
Feats Iron Will, Power attack, Cleave
Skills handle animal +0, intimidate +0, survival +5, listen +11, spot +10
Possessions greataxe, 10 javelins, backpack, 1 day of rations, waterskin, flint and steel
Patron Deity any chaotic evil, preferably one of slaughter or evil lycanthropes

Other NPC Information

I made Kevin because I thought it would be cool if some PCs were fighting a lycanthrope that you couldn't tell was one, making it that much more of a surprise when they contract the disease. The only physical change you will see is when he goes down on all fours. Kevin is more of a wolf looking gnoll than hyena looking one, but this should be because the gnolls in the area look more like wolves or some other reason the DM comes up with, not because of his disease.

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