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Found throughout almost all of shinobi history, jinchuriki are those who have a Tailed Beast sealed inside them. While certain jinchuriki form a strong bond with their beast, others use them as a source of power. Certain individuals known as pseudo-jinchuriki do not technically have a Tailed Beast inside them, but are able to draw upon Tailed Beast or jinchuriki-like powers.

While unspoken and often unrealized by many, all true jinchuriki share one goal, to bring about peace through understanding both within themselves and within the world. All except Zero-Tails, Ten-Tails, and psuedo-jinchuriki feel the innate pull of this message.

One-Tails's Jinchuriki

Two-Tails's Jinchuriki

Three-Tails's Jinchuriki

Four-Tails's Jinchuriki

Five-Tails's Jinchuriki

Six-Tails's Jinchuriki

Seven-Tails's Jinchuriki

Eight-Tails's Jinchuriki

Nine-Tails's Jinchuriki

Ten-Tails's Jinchuriki

Zero-Tails's Jinchuriki


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