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Jaroidian knight[edit]

you are a knight of jaroidia, you either serve the king directly, or serve one of his nobles.

Skill Proficiencies: athletics, animal handling, and two skills of your choice

Tool Proficiencies: one gaming set of your choice, and herbalism kits

Languages: two of your choice

Equipment: jaroidian diamond coated plate, one gaming set of your choice, 2 martial melee weapons of your choice, 1 simple melee weapon of your choice, a jaroidian diamond coated shield, a Kaeozzoidian Physicians Pack and a purse containing 20 gp

Feature:code of honor[edit]

the oath of knighthood you took not only implies loyalty to the whichever noble you serve, and each of their superiors, but also that you uphold the codes of chivalry, and act with honor. other knights respect this, and those on your side will help you on a quest, as they are obligated to from their oath.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

the life of knighthood can be hard, facing many battles. but you also get the comforts of luxury, and those two combined could make you either love it or hate it.

d8 Personality Trait
1 i use actions, not words
2 i demand respect
3 i try to inspire, even when there is no time to be talking
4 i see signs of guidance everywhere, even though they are usually just random events
5 i never back down, even when i should
6 i idolize a past knight, and always point out the usually nonexistent similarities between us, and our adventures
7 i rarely get angry, but when i do, i am the hulk
8 i always am polite and respectful
d6 Ideal
1 Equality The downtrodden among us must be protected and uplifted in the face of injustice (good)
2 the king the king comes first (lawful)
3 freedom i want to be able to do as i please, as a noble (chaotic)
4 glory i want to be remembered as a great knight of legend (any)
5 battle. i will kill as many enemies as i can before i die (evil)
6 peace i do not want war anymore (neutral)
d6 Bond
1 i idolize a past knight
2 i owe everything to my mentor, he or she trained me\
3 i will defeat kaeozzburg/jaroidia
4 i am in love with a married noble
5 i want to recover a specific holy relic
6 i will be the best warrior on kaeozzoidia
d6 Flaw
1 i think i always have the better argument
2 i do not like the kings methods
3 i committed a horrible crime, and it got someone else in jail
4 i do not want to die for my ruler
5 i fall in love often
6 i always try to look perfect, and boast about my looks to all

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