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Rating: Not-Rated / 5
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Isl Cana[edit]

A singular supercontinent with a massive volcano in the center. The land is teeming with magic, infusing some of the mundane into the most supernatural. With a large amount of magic sprawling around, sometimes it goes wild, causing wild magic to surge, causing devastation or restoration to come into being, the power of these surges depend on the environment, and the likeliness increases with the power.

With large spots with concentrated magic comes spots with little, or no magic at all, attempting to cast a spell on these spots strain the caster more than normal.

Isla Cana Lore[edit]

Who are the deities, what are their domains, and which one should you serve.
How these spots work and what to do if the party is in one of these spots.
The volcano that sits at the center of Isl Cana.
The war that changed how people view magic.
The war that got rid of the monsters once and for all.
Lore about the races, and which races are available to play in Isl Cana.


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