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Wondrous Item, Legendary (Requires attunement by a creature of the fighter, paladin, rogue or ranger class)

A Gold decagon medallion with partitions etched into the surface partitioning the medallion into 10 equal sized segments. The medallion operates as a key to allow you to reach through a dimension that stores weapons. Weapons may already be stored within the Gate when you find the medallion. The medallion can be affixed to a waistband, headband or wrist wrap provided the material does not already have a magical affect.

Storing weapons

The Gate of Babylon is at it’s core an armoury for great weapons and so is finicky about the weapons that are being stored within it, a short rest must be taken at sunrise between the times of 0400 and 0600 with 30 minutes dedicated to trying to send the weapon you wish to store through the gate. Roll a d20 to determine what happens adding your proficiency modifier to the total if you are proficient in the weapon you are trying to store. The medallion may absorb up to ten weapons.

  • 1-5 The weapon is not only rejected; it is destroyed beyond repair regardless of the magical abilities tied to the weapon.
  • 6-10 The weapon is rejected; you can attempt to store another (or the same) weapon the next day.
  • 11-15 The weapon is accepted but you must wait until the next day to store another weapon.
  • 16+ The weapon is accepted and you can attempt to store another weapon straight away.

If there is no space to store another weapon one weapon is replaced at your discretion, the weapon that has been replaced is lost to the dimension the Babylon Gate is connected to.


The Gate can be used whenever as long as it has accepted at least one weapon that you have placed in there. When a weapon is absorbed into the gate, a symbol representing that weapon appears in one of the gold segments.


Once the medallion is activated, one of the following commands may be executed. This artifact however is meant to be used by godly beings and so some more extravagant commands may require the user to take damage to use. All DC’s are determined by 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice)

Draw: You summon the desired weapon from the Gate directly into your hand by reaching into a gold decagon portal similarly to the bag of holding you must think of the weapon you are going to pull out before you pull it out. You must have proficiency with this weapon. (This is considered a free action can be done as many times in a turn as you want as long as your hand is free)

Withdraw: Desired blades return to the Medallion. (This is considered a free action) Shield: As a reaction up to two weapons of choice (cannot be a ranged weapon) fly out the gate to defend any target (within 100 feet of you) from attacks. The target gains 1 AC per weapon and is also immune to projectiles till it is your turn. The weapons automatically return back through the gate when the effect is resolved.

Pierce: One weapon fires out of a gold decagon portal behind you at a target in a straight line, anything in the way besides you will take 1d4 damage unless they can make a dexterity saving throw. If the saving throw is succeeded then take 1d4 damage, if the saving throw is failed then the target is knocked back xx feet, takes 1d4 damage+any extra damage* of the weapon and is considered pinned (by the weapon) to the closest surface (floor, wall, etc) If the creature is flying they then fall after the knock back and are considered incapacitated. Every turn the target must make a saving throw to escape each weapon that has pierced it. Refer to below for effects based on the targets size. (This is considered an attack)

  • Tiny- 15 feet knock back
  • Small- 10 feet knock back
  • Medium- 10 feet knock back
  • Large- 5 feet knock back, only considered pinned** when pierced by 2+ weapons
  • Huge- no knock back, only considered pinned** when pierced by 3+ weapons
  • Gargantuan- no knock back, only considered pinned** when pierced by 4+ weapons

After a saving throw is successfully made the weapon automatically returns back through the gate. Non-Bladed weapons cannot be used for pierce.

magic/poison etc damage*

or incapacitated depending on the initial state of the target**

Ishtar’s Onslaught: This skill reduces the user's HP by 1d4 per weapon released by this command. All remaining weapons are released from the Gate that can be spawned anywhere within (Character levelx5) feet of the user to strike any combination of targets (each weapon strikes once). You have the choice of using the Pierce command (If weapons are fired downwards then flying targets can also be pinned) or to have the weapon normally attack one target within 50 feet of you. After the effects of Ishtar’s Onslaught have been resolved Draw and Withdraw are the only commands that can be used until the next day when the user has had a long rest. (No more attacks can be made by you in this turn except for attacks of opportunity)

Babylonian Wall: This skill reduces the user’s HP by 1d2 per weapon released by this command. All remaining weapons are released from the Gate to protect any number of targets, with the effect of Shield. After the effects of Babylonian Wall have been resolved Draw and Withdraw are the only commands that can be used until the user has had a long rest. (This is considered an attack action or can be done as a reaction)

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