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Name: Insanity (Su)
Infection DC: 30 Will while in Darkness (Contact); present only in Aum Dungeons.
Incubation: 1d4 turns
Damage: 1d4 Sanity Points

Levels of Insanity
Green Yellow Orange Red Black
Healthy 100% Headaches/Migraines 75% Paranoia/Anxiety 50% Nyctophobia/Insomnia 25% Sociopathy
Duration of Insanity
Green Yellow Orange Red Black
1d4 rounds 1d6 rounds + Wis Modifier 1d8 rounds + Wis Modifier 1d10 rounds + Wis Modifier 1d12 rounds + Wis Modifier

There are visual and audible events that can occur sometimes to give the character a hint of sanity changes; a character will be prompted to make Spot and Listen checks in new areas where Insanity can affect them, which will then require a Sense Motive check to see if the character can differentiate between the surreal environment's illusions and reality.

Indicators of Insanity
Sanity Loss
  1. Vision warping/zooming in and out while hearing teeth/rocks grinding. (Standing in darkness)
  2. Vision doing a vertical outward stretch then returning to normal, with a wind-like noise. (Witnessing a sudden disturbing event)
  3. Center of vision zooms outward as the edges are pulled inward. (Staring at enemies)
  4. Shockwave ripples vision and character gasps in fear. (When the God of Demon roars at the character making progress, or physically assaults their mind)
  5. Vision suddenly fades to black, sounds are heard, then vision is restored. (Some scripted/disturbing events or in the event of being injected by something related to Apothecary)
  6. Vision will distort and shake if any of the torture devices character can interact with are used. If the character repeatedly touches the two Octagram seals that require his/her blood in the Inner Sanctum their sanity will quickly deplete and they'll temporarily collapse.
  7. Edges of vision zoom in while a noise sounding like a distorted church bell is heard. (Standing in the corpse-filled rooms in the Morgue or in the torture rooms)
  8. Vision shakes violently at different angles, with a gasp being heard. (When a torch ignites itself, or snuffs itself out)
Sanity Gain
  1. Atmosphere giving a blue flash while an exhale sound is heard. (Completing a puzzle, ot finding an item)
  2. Staying in the light radius of a candle or torch. (Sanity will very slowly rise from Red Level to Orange Level if one waits 1d4 rounds. If one were to wait an additional 1d4 rounds, sanity will rise to Yellow Level.)
  3. Standing in direct sunlight (Sanity will very slowly rise to Yellow Level if it was lower than that, but no further. Also requires a 1d4 round waiting time).
  4. Simply turning on the lantern. (Typically, that's enough to stop the paranoia and hallucinations unless in magical darkness)
  5. Making progress by simply exploring further into a new area. (Providing the character(s) does not witness unsettling events while doing so)
  6. Completing a Puzzle objective. (Sanity is fully replenished)
  7. Obtaining an artifact. (Sanity is fully replenished)
  8. Simply entering new dungeon levels.

Low Insanity
When the character reaches the lowest level of sanity their vision is very warped and their breathing is panicky and erratic. Should any further substantial sanity loss occur it'll decrease to the point where they will collapse on the ground and crawl for several seconds. A continuous high-pitched whine will be heard when this happens.
If an enemy is nearby while the character collapses, they will go into a "searching" state for a short time, leaving them very vulnerable. Eventually, the character will stand up again, their sanity will return to Orange Level, they cannot run and their vision is blurred. They will lose some health after this recovery. Their movements thereafter are slow and delayed, making the exploration even more dangerous than before.
Low sanity also makes the character more exposed to enemies, which are able to sense them even in the dark. The character may also be heard speaking randomly about the environment. This is caused by the character's inability to control themself due to their mental stress. Furthermore, if the character is in a low sanity state for some time, they will hallucinate. The character will begin to hear disturbing non-existent sounds such as "slime-covered" footsteps, a monster running or distant cries of pain of other people and small children crying. They'll even imagine at several points the character's being followed by someone or something, though there is no one behind them should they turn around.
The character can also hallucinate enemies, and can see cockroaches crawling or flies buzzing in their direct line of sight. On rare occasions, doors approached by the character will slam shut in front of them; giving a startling jump-scare.
  1. When the character reaches the sanity state of Orange Level and worse, various aspects of the game will appear different, such as:
  • portraits, among other paintings, will change into horribly distorted ones, such as faces being replaced with skulls, the sky turning an ominous orange, and silhouettes of hanging corpses.
  • Dead bodies will appear hanging from the ceiling in random locations.
  • Cages in torture rooms will contain corpses.
  • Large stairways will be covered with spiders.
  • Corpses might be seen leaning in upright manners against pillars randomly.
  • Creatures, like the portraits, will appear distorted; taking on a frightening appearance caused by the character's low sanity whenever they see creatures up close and face-to-face, while being not quite so inhumane appearing/being in reality.

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