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Design Note: This sub-class is designed to be played starting from first or second level.


Wizard Class Variant

Incurvati are wizards who gradually retreat from the world by turning inward until they no longer interact with the world through their own senses and body, but entirely interact with the world through magical avatars. (This is a subclass for players who enjoy doing lots of character creation). You may choose this subclass at first level. Although the idea of insanity as a character trait is a touchy subject in role playing games, this is an ideal sub-class for characters with some mental illness, as members of this subclass retreat from reality into magic.

Incurvati are intended to be played from level 1.

Level 1[edit]

Personal Illusion
  • Starting at first level, you can create an identical illusion of yourself that you can speak and hear and see through within 5' of yourself and can only appear to do things you can do. You may use this illusion as the casting source for your spells. You can still speak and see and hear and feel through your own body, but you prefer to do so through your creation. If your illusionary copy of your self is disbelieved or damaged or magically affected it disappears, and if damaged or affected, you take the damage or effect. You may create this active illusion within 5' of yourself. Your personal illusion moves and stays within 5' of you and disappears if there is no space within 5' of you for it. Creating a personal illusion takes one action.

Level 2-4[edit]

Wizard Avatar
  • Starting at second level, you gain the ability to create a solid illusionary avatar of yourself through which you can speak, see, feel, act, and cast spells. You cease to speak with your own mouth, and feel with your own body much at all, as long as the avatar is in existence, and the only thing you can focus on visually is your own spell books. You can still walk if lead, or ride. Effects on the avatar affect you, and if the avatar is killed you go into a coma for 2d6 days. Your avatar does not disappear if damaged, affected, or disbelieved, as long as the damage or effects are reflected in the avatar. Your avatar can be as far away from you as 50', and can be created anywhere within 50'. Creating a wizard avatar takes 1 minute. Your avatar may not perform the actions of other classes if you have multiclassed.
  • Second level is the highest level at which you can choose to be an incurvatus.
Internalized Spellbooks
  • Starting at third level you internalize all of your spells and no longer need spellbooks. You can no longer see because your spellbooks are always before you in your mind as long as you are awake. Your avatar can be as much as 500' from you, and can be created anywhere within 500'. The avatar itself has an illusionary spell book containing real spells and if the avatar's spell book is lost, stolen or destroyed, you must recreate the avatar to include the spell book which you may do after a short or long rest.
Fighter Avatar
  • Starting at fourth level, you gain the ability to create a solid illusionary avatar of yourself as a fighter. As a fighter you have no spells, but you can fight and do everything a fighter can do of one level less than yourself. You can no longer walk, even if lead, but you can still ride or sit in a cart. You see yourself as a fighter and feel that you are a fighter and you can no longer see your own spellbooks when you are the fighter. Your avatar can be as much as one mile from you, and can be created anywhere within 1 mile. Creating a fighter avatar takes one hour.
  • Fighter avatars and above are new characters and must be created with their own abilities and character sheets. Their intelligence and wisdom may not exceed that of the incurvatus wizard creating them however.
  • Above level 4 your retreat from the world is irreversible. Up until fourth level you can choose to quit being an incurvatus wizard. If you choose to quit, you lose all incurvatus features and require 1 month per level to recover from the shock and recover your personal identity before adventuring again.

Level 5-6[edit]

  • Starting at fifth level, you become comatose, only coming out of your coma for brief periods once in a long while. You forget your name, and think your name is the name for the solid illusionary avatar which you now live as. Your physical body is magically fed and hydrated as your avatar eats so that you do not starve or dehydrate. Your avatar can be as much as 10 miles from you, and can be created anywhere within 10 miles. At fifth level, you can also create a 'Fighter Avatar' of any class that you have as a multi-class at the level you have in that multi-class. So you don't actually lose all of your multi-class talent when you become comatose.
  • Starting at fifth level, your avatars no longer disappear if disbelieved. They are now more than illusions, they are starting to become alterations of reality.
Character Avatar
  • Up until sixth level, you can still dispel your avatar and create a new one.
  • Starting at sixth level, you gain the ability to create a solid illusionary avatar of yourself as a character of any class of the same race as yourself. Your avatar can do anything that a character of that class can do at two levels less than yourself. Your avatar can be as much as 100 miles from you, and can be created anywhere within 100 miles. Creating a character avatar takes one day. You can use the following subclasses:
D20 Bard College Cleric Domain Druid Circle Fighter Paladin-Barbarian-Monk Ranger Rogue Sorcerer Warlock Patron Wizard School
1 Acrobats Atheism Beast Divine Warrior Oath of the Inquisition Arcane Shot Arcane Assassin Cryogenist Beholder Black Mage
2 Bartenders Evangelism Claw Dragoon Oath of the Lich-Servant Archer Bounty Hunter Divine Dead King Blood Wizard
3 Comedy Heresy Forest Dreadnought Oath of Mercy Behemoth Hunter Fencer Dragon Deep Creature Chronomancy
4 Dealers Law Fountain Elite Mercenary Oath of the Templar Bloodhunter Ghost Fiend Dragon Defiler
5 Gamblers Life & Death Life Gladiator Path of the Brawler Bushwhacker Graverobber Feyborne Formless One Gravity Mage
6 Jesters Love Plants Great Wpn Master Path of the Cannibal Forester Highwayman Krakenborne Horned Man Hedge-Mage
7 Lullabies Occult Prehistoric Heavy Archer Path of the Fist Kings Ranger Investigator Lithic Imaginary Friend Incarceration
8 Mockery Peace Rodents Improviser Path of the Immortal Missionary Knife Thrower Old Blood The Lie Lore Mastery
9 Revelry Shadow Roots Mage Hunter Way of the Beggar Primal Lucky Orisorcerer Night Mistress Mirror Mage
10 Trickery Simplicity Rot Melee Tactician Way of the Ki Thief Spirit Beast Mountebank Waterborne Prismatic Infusion Trickster
11 Troubadour Strength Serpent Shieldman Way of the Passive Hand Supernaturalist Spider Rogue Inferno Soul of the World White Mage
12 Vocalist Time the Swarm Weapon Master Way of the True Seeing Warden Thug Sandborne Vampire Wild Mage
13-20 Published Published Published Published Published Published Published Published Published Published

Level 7-8[edit]

Physical Rigidity
  • Starting at seventh level, your physical body stops breathing or needing food or water. It stops moving entirely, and nothing can awaken it. Your body is still flesh but you lose all sense of your actual self and live entirely as your avatar. Your physical body enters sort of a state of suspended animation.
  • Starting at seventh level, in order to change to a new avatar, the current one has to die or be dispelled. If the current one dies, a new one is created in 1d4 days. Your avatar can be as much as 1000 miles from you, and can be created anywhere within 1000 miles. Character avatars may now also be multi-classed.
Avatar of a different Race
  • Starting at eighth level, your avatar can be of any player character race, as well as of any player character class. Your avatar can be anywhere on, in or around the same planet or plane in which a character of the race and class you choose can be viable, and can be created anywhere on in or around the same planet, or plane you are on. Creating an avatar of this sort takes one day. You can use the following races:
D20 Aberations & Monstrosities Heraldic Races Beasts & Fey Unnatural
1 Alleozsa - people of light Brightmaid - unicorn horned Avilus - intelligent songbirds Awakened Zombie - sentient z.
2 Dracogoblin Centaur - horse-body human Amanel - elf hunters of evil Blugruim - gentle orc-giants
3 Gazer - humanoid beholder Cervitaur - deer-taurs Dryad Coldvein - unhealing undead
4 Mimic - shape changers Elftaur - horse-body elf Duerdog - human eyed dogs Ghoul - corpse eaters
5 Tentacle Mass - 'humanoid' form Ettin - two headed ogres Fae Homunculus - copy constructs
6 Vologovoi - secret worm people Faun Faery Pseudodragon - tiny dragons
7 Wokin - werewolf kin Lobra - three headed Kodan - bear sailors Manakete
8 Tengu - winged protectors Magnataur - mammoth-taurs Roc Roc Skeleton - sentient skeletons
9 Yata - 3 legs, crow form Oomukade - centipede-taurs Leprechaun Tsukumogami - anc animate items
10 Yeti - mountain sasquatch Tressym - cute bat-cats Treant - walzing trees Vampire - as in vampires
11-20 Published Published Published Published

Level 9-10[edit]

Solid Physical Body
  • Starting at ninth level, your physical body turns to stone.
  • Starting at ninth level, your avatar becomes fully real and can exist on any plane in which an avatar of your chosen race and class can be viable, and can be created on any of those planes. You no longer have to be in the same plane or on the same planet as your avatar.
Remembered Avatar
  • Starting at tenth level, your avatar gains a full back story and exists as if it were a real creature. The avatar exists in the memories of the real people in its back story, and they will remember the back story if they are questioned, including parents, siblings, friends, closer relations, children, mentors, teachers, masters while the avatars were apprentices, and people the avatar has known as it has advanced in levels including memories of adventures of people they have been on with. Creating an avatar of this sort takes 1 week.
  • Starting at tenth level, your avatars can no longer be dispelled using dispel magic.

Level 11-12[edit]

Arcane Body
  • Starting at eleventh level, your physical body begins to fade, and begins to appear to be an illusion of your former self. Your actual substance transforms from stone to pure magic, and you physically exist as a magic field rather than a physical object.
Monster Avatar
  • Starting at twelfth level, you may have an avatar of any non-legendary, non-deity creature with a CR 4 or more below your level. Creating an avatar of this sort takes 1 week.

Level 13-14[edit]

Invisible Body
  • Starting at thirteenth level, your physical existence vanishes entirely. You no longer appear to be an illusion. At this point you are an invisible field of magic, and can only be seen with a detect magic spell or other appropriate divination magic. An identify or legend lore spell will be able to tell who you originally were.
Party Avatar
  • Starting at fourteenth level, you may have an avatar of an entire adventuring party of up to 6 members, 6 levels below your own. You may add, subtract, or replace 1 member per week. The party is identical to a real adventuring party in all respects except that the entire party glows magically if a detect magic is cast on it. Creating a party avatar takes 1 week.
  • You may include your wizard avatar as part of this party.

Level 15-16[edit]

Magic Item Component Body
  • Starting at fifteenth level you, as a field of magic, may be used to power a magic item. The power of the magic item is dependent on the skill and level of the wizard who creates it and the creator may not be yourself or your avatar. That item is non-sentient unless it is used by one of your avatars. The magic item never requires attunement, except when used by one of your own avatars. if one of your own avatars uses it, attunement is required and the magic item is sentient with your sentience.
  • You regain a consciousness of your own sentience and a sense of your own self.
Greater Avatar
  • Starting at sixteenth level, you may have an avatar that is an entire city or army. You create a city or village of up to 10,000 creatures that does not move, or you can create an army of up to 100 creatures that does. Your remaining physical presence must be in the city somewhere or must power a magic item carried by a creature in the army. If is is somehow removed, such as removing the magic item from the presence of the army, the city or army dissolves. The entire city or army will be detected as magical. Otherwise the city or army is entirely real, and it and its history is known about throughout the entire multiverse to those who would know about it, although it can only affect history going forward. Creating a greater avatar takes 1 month.

Level 17-18[edit]

Planar Avatar
  • Starting at seventeenth level, you may have an avatar that is an entire new plane of existence. You may specify the means by which it may be entered and exited (no one way gates). The plane may be of any size and will have 2d4 gates to other planes. If those planes are controlled by some force (such as elemental or divine planes) those gates may be rejected by the controllers and will default to the prime material plane. Creating a planar avatar takes 1 year. Once created, a planar avatar may not be dispelled as long as there are any living entities with intelligence greater than 6 or legendary items present within it from other planes.
  • Starting at seventeenth level, Your planar avatar has enough existence of its own that you may have one more avatar of any other kind a the same time as you have a planar avatar.
Sequestered Physicality
  • Starting at eighteenth level, your magic force may move into the avatar plane that you have created. If you choose to do this, the move is permanent, and the plane becomes permanent.
  • Starting at eighteenth level, your avatars no longer reveal themselves to be magical with the use of magic detection.
  • Starting at eighteenth level, your greater avatars no longer disappear if you leave them.

Level 19-20[edit]

  • Starting at nineteenth level, you may have avatars of multiple kinds except deities and legendary creatures on various planes. Specifically you may have up to one plane, one city, one village, one army, one party, one monster, one character, one fighter and one wizard avatar at the same time.
  • Starting at nineteenth level, your non-planar avatars can gain experience independently of yourself. They become truly alive. You may lose control of non-planar avatars you have created if they decide to become independent of you (dungeon master discretion). If you lose control of an avatar, you can create another of that kind.
Dungeon Master
  • At twentieth level, you become a dungeon master, and create highly detailed universes for other players and characters to travel to and play in. You believe that all dungeon masters were originally incurvati. You may also talk to other dungeon masters including the dungeon master whose game you are in.
  • If you do not wish to become a dungeon master, you may refuse to advance to 20th level, repeating level 19 as many times as you want. Each time you repeat level 19, you may create an additional city, village, army, party, monster, character, fighter or wizard avatar.


In order to multiclass with an incurvatus wizard subclass, your Intelligence and Wisdom must be at least 15.

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