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Imperial Silk: Imperial Silk is made from the silk of worms specially bread inside the high courts. These worms were bred carefully by the fae and gifted to the Emperor. It is very rare and very expensive. Imperial Silk can be woven hard or soft, used as clothing or as armor up to the leather types. Anything more hardened than Studded leather is impossible to make out of Imperial Silk.

Imperial Silk is never dyed; as it is woven, the strands take on the color they pull in from their surroundings. At creation, Imperial Silk is determined to be in "jungle", "dungeon", "urban" or "other" terrain. If "other" the hide quality is lost but the charisma bonus is bonused to +3. Other is rare. If rolling, each of the others would be 30%, while "other" would be 10%.

Imperial Silk has stats as leather if woven hard and cannot be hardened (as in boiled leather for things such as Leather scale) further. If woven soft, it has stats as silk.

Imperial silk grants a +2 on charisma-based skill checks when wearing it, a +2 to hide in the surroundings it was woven in, reduces the armor check penalty by 3, and reduces spell-failure chance by %10.

Light Armor is the only type of Armor that can be made out of Imperial Silk (as stated above) and only types made with mostly cloth or leather components. It is ALWAYS masterwork, so you cannot stack the masterwork with this feature.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Market Price: 4,000 GP

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