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The world of Horizon takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, where machines now prowl the lands and hunters are trained to protect themselves and others from this threat.

Part 1: Characters

Chapter 1: Character Creation

In order to play in a D&D campaign (unless otherwise specified), you will need a character. There are 5 basic steps to creating a character, referenced from Chapter 1 of the PHB.

  1. Choose a Race
  2. A race defines where your character might come from, their age, size, inherent abilities, and what alignment they may lean towards.
  3. Choose a Class
  4. A character's class is the main contributing factor to what your character can do in an adventure.
  5. Determine Ability Scores
  6. Ability scores impact how a character's actions may succeed or fail. A character's class recommends what ability scores to make the highest for that class's abilities.
  7. Describe your Character
  8. This step is where you choose a background for your character, which determines a few things, such as proficiencies, but also influences what a character's history might be, and how they might interact with people. This step is also where a character's physical features such as height and weight are chosen, based on the character's race.
  9. Choose Equipment
  10. In this step you choose equipment based on what equipment your class allows you, in addition to the equipment granted by your background. This determines what items your character has at their disposal to use in the worlds they explore.

Chapter 2: Races

Chapter 3: Classes

Chapter 4: Personality and Backgrounds

Chapter 5: Customization Options

Part 2: Horizon Features

Chapter 6: Equipment

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