Harquebus, Heavy (3.5e Equipment)

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A typical Harquebus, Heavy
Harquebus, heavy
Martial Two-Handed Projectile
Critical: ×4
Range Increment: 120 ft
Type: Piercing
Hardness: 5
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine 12 gp, 5 sp 1d3 5/8 lbs 1
Diminutive 25 gp 1d4 1 1/4 lbs 1
Tiny 50 gp 1d6 2 1/2 lbs 1
Small 100 gp 1d8 5 lbs 2
Medium 100 gp 1d10 10 lbs 5
Large 200 gp 2d8 20 lbs 10
Huge 400 gp 3d8 40 lbs 20
Gargantuan 800 gp 4d8 80 lbs 40
Colossal 1600 gp 6d8 160 lbs 80
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

Loading a heavy harquebus is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Normally, operating a heavy harquebus requires two hands. However, you can shoot, but not load, a heavy harquebus with one hand at a -4 penalty on attack rolls. You can shoot a heavy arquebus with each hand, but you take a penalty on attack rolls as if attacking with two one-handed weapons. This penalty is cumulative with the penalty for one-handed firing.

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