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Weapon (Maul), artifact (Requires attunement by a character with a Constitution of 17)

Long ago in a distant land, a mighty Dwarf forged a Hammer of unspeakable strength, His name was Brock Stonebeard, Champion of storms, Master of the Forge, and Jarl of Dwemerdoor, But a foolish Immortal Elven Warrior stepped forth to oppose him, they clashed for nine days and nights, but before the final blow was struck Brock ripped open a massive ravine in the ground to the bowels of dwemerdoor, where his word was Law, and threw the Elf in, but the Elf secured the Hand of The Mountain and hid it deep in Dwemerdoor, they tortured him and tried their best to get him to talk, but he would not and when a great horde of Orcs and Giants came to destroy the Citadel, the Dwarves were helpless, without their mighty leaders Hammer he could not do as he needed and to forge another would be so demanding it would kill him. Thus the mighty City fell, but they say somewhere deep in the Bowels of Dwemerdoor, behind seas of Orcs and the remaining Dwarven defenses, the mighty hammer lies, waiting for it's next wielder.

The Hand of The Mountain is an ancient Dwarvern Hammer made early in the races existence itself. It is a large stone maul with dwarvern runes engraved on its handle with a thin blue wrap acting as a grip. Though the hammer is old it is barely chipped and with littler cracks truly a testament to dwarf craftsmanship and the strength of stone.

Storm of Stone You heave the hammer back and swing with all your might and start to spin like a mighty typhoon. You may initiate this with a strength check DC 17. Any hostile creature in a 10 ft. Begins taking 4d12 Lightning damage every Turn that the ability maintains. You may move up to 15 ft. every turn and enemies in the area are considered vulnerable to Lightning damage from the hammer. This lasts 2 + Your Strength Modifier Turns (At least 1). When you end you may bring the item down using forward momentum into a mighty slam, cracking the ground and throwing up dirt and rocks everywhere. This ability deals 5d12 Thunder Damage to a single target in the radius of Storm of Stone, the target is knocked Prone. Anyone in a 10ft. radius of the Target takes 2d12 Thunder damage and is knocked back 10ft. You may not use this feature again until a long rest has occurred

Like a Rock As the weapon has stood the wares of time the wielder feels invincible while attuned to this item, you are resistant to bludgeoning, lightning, thunder, and are considered to have advantage on rolls Against being frightened.

Thunderclap Lifting the mighty maul into the air it begins to radiate with energy, and upon bringing it down a mighty explosion of thunder and lightning burst from the impact. Enemies that are within 5 feet of you take 2d12 lightning and enemies within 10 feet take 1d12 thunder damage. Enemies that are within the blast now have disadvantage on perception checks and grant advantage on attack. This ability resets after a long rest.

Thunder Gods Strike You may cast lightning bolt as a 9th level spell slot once and it resets at dawn.

Slow as Time Your movement speed is reduced by 15 ft.
Destroying the Hand of The Mountain. This weapon can be destroyed if brought to the descendants of the dwarf Brock-Stonebeard who made it and they are convinced they should destroy their ancestors work, this would likely be nearly impossible as the Stonebeards were legendarily stubborn and proud of what they made, to add to this they originally inhabited Dwemerdoor which was massacred by an assembly of giants and orcs.

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